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Agony review
by MeZev

It’s a story driven game, so don’t expect too much of the actual gameplay. Give Agony some time and it will suck you in. I like the setting of this game, the voice acting, that wasn’t obviously completely professional but shows every emotion in the right way. The maze design and color choices weren’t very comfortable for me, but I understand why they were done this way. In general the game is very enjoyable and even more scary than the first Outlast. So if you’re a fan of horror games, I don’t know why you haven’t tried it yet! 

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Review Current: 31.05.2018!! So Have played the Game durechally at least the Main Story in the Difficulty level Of Normal. It Had taken a little 15 Hours to do so. I'm not going to go straight into the Story because I don't want Spoilers, but what I can say on anyway is that the Game is probably playable Also because of the few Bugs and also because of the Difficulty. It is the same and depending on the Level a bit confusing but if you stay tuned and have patience and do not directly shake the Hat you will be able to play through it even if the Update has not yet come out. I wanted to play through the Game as soon as possible before the Update comes out, as it is supposed to be easier with the Update. Because all the Puss .. Have complained that it is too heavy and too dark is lol ... That's not what I didn't want I like the Level of Difficulty. Some Groudes and Levels really cost me some Nerves, but in the end I mastered everyone without Internet Aids (there are no:D yet) And regarding the Story, so it's still not a Witcher 3 But the Atmosphere and everything Together I just thought was awesome. So clear Buy recommendation except you're a Puss .. ;) And for the Price really awesome Me do the Developers just slightly sorry 50% positive Rating for such an ingenious Game and at this Price untraceable .. You should really be let to let it slip out and blame a Succuben for The Frass!!! ..................................................................................................................................................... Review by 29.05.2018 Have played the Game now grade times 90 Minutes. And don't understand the grentous Troublemakers. Some say it jerks and blabla ... This Game costs just 27 EURO or CHF. And with me, the Game runs smoothly On maximum Graphics settings:) (980 TI and Intel 4790K and 32 gb ram) (Not exaggerated!!!) The Athomsphere is simply hammer and until now almost died only because I fell into a Ravine hehe. I can't say Anything about the Story right now. Have never been stuck out until now when I died I had the Bug that I couldn't move in Fly-mode. But I think there's worse in the World. Okey now to the Point!!! Let's face it all today's Gamers are way too spoiled a Game should be 100% perfect and best be twice as good as Witcher 3. Otherwise, it will be hated right away. Just ridiculous and who wails because of just under 30 Euros I'm sorry anyway .. Because when I got Myself Ghost Recon Wildlands at that time for so 80 Euros I didn't even get into the Servers. I don't want to say that it's not a Question without Makings, but if you just want to make you on a Courtship and out of their batteries, you just shouldn't buy it or have it refunded by Steam. Anyone who bought it on Kickstarter Knew the Risk that not everything can always run 100% according to Plan regarding the so apsolut fricus censorship. It May be that You have not informed the Community exactly about it. But to be stuck on it is very ingrown in my View .. Because developing a Game requires a lot of Time and Work and they have put more Love or poorly said Hate into the Game than most Big Titles. And then for so little Money? I don't think anything can be said about that. And with regard to Censorship, the Development Team cannot do anything for the fact that only Workaholic and Neurotyphic Claw and Boring people sit in our Governments and Legal writers. Or? Will the Game, although it is a bit difficult to play through with security even if it lasts an eternal. Whoever the Game Heathet is not worthy of the Game nor Worthy The Game should not be mass suitable!!! Salvation Satan!!!
Only buy the game after several patches and on sale. I was waiting for Agony but I didn’t expected it would be the agony literally. It’s hard to find the game behind the walls of bugs, unresponsive controls, poor voice acting and just awful lip reading. I like the level design, though, and hope the issues I mentioned will be fixed one day. Till now this game will be a really painful experience.