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Smoke And Sacrifice review
by Tzeelim

I had a few problems with the game. I’d prefer they added more instructions how to unblock content and fixed the interaction with objects - these things are not always obvious as they should be. And I’m very disappointed that I can’t use a controller here.  

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Microsoft from Russian
It's just awesome! Start a very pleased-game addictive) Fans of crafting and collecting-I advise to try!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Wow screw this♥♥♥♥♥♥ Just gorgeous graphic. Simply nothing else. Will kill your system if you try to get to your taskbar. Wasting money.
I love everything about this game. It has an enjoyable and not over-complicated story, nice gameplay, it looks and sounds awesome, and I appreciate the amount of content they added - a great variety of enemies, items and crafting possibilities! Nevermind some issues, the patch will fix them soon. For all that it provides, this game is cheap and high-quality at the same time.