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Cultist Simulator review
by Kirk Kardashian

This game is not better than the Little Alchemy. Same level of stupidness.
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Good and interesting Game. Forming The Cult is very abstract and, as others have said, everything happens through learning by doing. No Tutorial and no clear Details of what works. But in fact, that works very well. The first three Games were confusing and ended fatally in each Case ... But I was able to complete the fourth Round with a Victory of Sorts. Unfortunately, I was not aware of what I was doing and achieved a Goal that I would have liked to avoid ^^ Highly recommended for Knoblers and Friends of the Tabletop. Anyone expecting Action, Leadership and Pictorial Power will be deceived here.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I find the basic idea and mechanics of the game basically quite interesting, but I find that it is terribly boring and written. In the end effect, you always do the same just to get random a few items. Unfortunately, the story is very thin, and even with the even painting the story it is not made easy. And at the latest if you have to read the repetitive texts all the time, it's real enough. All in all a great pity, as I thought the grundidee was cool ... Vllt a funny game for 5 euro, but by no means worth the full 20 euro!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Cultist Simulator or what I would call "Frustration Simulator" or "Trial And Error Mahjong" I really wouldn't recommend anyone. Unfortunately, it has one of the worst Game concepts that I have seen in a long time as a computer or even a card or Board game. Please don't be fooled by the really nice Look and Presentation. The Game itself is, alas, great Crap. One is thrown without Explanations into a random-based, card combination game, where you should assign Cards according to the constant Time Pressure, which one does not know and which are also not explained to one in a meaningful way. And they don't tap into at first Glance. So you die through the first Few rounds only to find that it just doesn't get any better the longer you play. Unfortunately, from The setting and the Story or the Experiences of the Protagonist while Playing (which really seem interesting in the Approach), you don't get much with you, because you just don't have Time and Desire to Read the Stories while you're all the time with Randomy Events and new Maps with very great stylish but unusable confusing Symbols and cryptic Formulas are bombed. And there is neither a Tutorial nor any kind of Introduction. No Levels of Difficulty, either. One can only dream of a Guide or an Overview of symbols and Cards. If you want to know how to implement a good Idea properly, really badly, you should buy THIS Game. In Addition: I call my English quite good myself, but the Game uses many older English Words and Technical Terms Which you should look up in Peace. But you just don't Do it after the fourth or fifth Card because of the Game Design ... If anything, I would recommend it Frustration to resistant native English speakers with masochistic Leanings who love rogue like game concepts and are not deterred by ongoing Failure. I then go back to my Sect.
Alexis Kennedy, as always, is great at designing unique games. Cultist Simulator is a very immersive and unique game with unusual gameplay and a huge replayability. The game is fast and you often lead your character to horrible consequences but there are so many possible ways that you’ll definitely return to try them all. Guess, I’ll spend in Cultist Simulator many many hours…  
At first it’s hard to understand what’s going on here and what I need to do but later everything becomes OK. The content, as I can see, it quite good, but technical issues ruin this game for me. There are a lot of bugs here, and once the game even locked up my computer, so I needed to reboot it. It also sometimes freezes. So right now you should better wait for some patches and only buy this thing when you’re sure the problems are fixed.