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Katana ZERO review
by Yigit Pinarbasi

Amazing atmosphere! FX, stages, story and sound (especially sound) is amazing! 
«Blew my mind»
«Liked before it became a hit»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»

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Wonderful succinct puzzle action. Would love a sequel please.
This indie pixel game has more story and emotional weight (as well as more intense action platforming) than most big budget blockbusters. An absolute gem of a game that I had the pleasure of playing and I look forward to more. 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Makes you feel like a real killer
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Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free I would love you to give your Follow to my Mentor Page on Steam: DarkySama Gaming. IMPORTANT: The following will be my impressions about the game with 3 hours played, when I finish the game I'll update to be my Review/Overview ● You'Re a mysterious killer with amnesia, I honestly won't tell much about the story to avoid spoilers but Moment I liked, is interesting, full of mysteries and moments "WTF!?". ● Jugablemente is a Platform game with touches of Hotline Miami many games try but few manage to get close to that quality, Katana Zero gets it and gives it its own personality. Enemies die of a blow just like you, mainly use your Katana to slice enemies or deflect bullets, you can also roll (invulnerability while wheels), use throwing objects and a very important mechanics: you can [/b] slow the Time [/b]. ● It Has a very interesting Checkpoint system, in fact it is part of the history of the game, because first you must "plan" the attack and if you succeed, you will see your actions as if it were a movie, if you fail just plan it again. ● In These 3 hours I have reached level 8, each level has a good dose of History with dialogue options, then comes the "plan" levels to fulfill your mission, finally another good dose of history. ● At the moment, I have not found a level that I fuste, on the contrary, it becomes interesting to learn from your mistakes, to do better and with more style in your next attempt, this shows a great balance in the design of levels. ● Visually both the Pixel Art and animations are 10, very detailed in every way. ● The Combat is quite polished, the character responds accurately and the enemies are moderately intelligent. ● There Are Bosses, I don't know how many in total but I have faced 3 for the moment. ● There May be a second playable character, I will not say who it is because it is important in history but I have controlled it by a level. ● There Are references (Pinkachu of season 17) and secrets in the game as well as some dialogue options result in funny answers. At the moment these are my impressions, when I finish the game and find out if you have other game modes, difficulty levels or playable characters I will update this to form my review/full view. In These 3 hours I can assure you that if you like Hotline Miami, Katana Zero is an excellent purchase and deserves to give you a chance. Since last year and what goes from 2019, to Return Digital has published excellent Indies, it is noticeable that they have a good eye. They Are free to ask any questions they have with the game or my text, even add if they want. As always, you are free to spend your money on what you want, I simply share my opinion about the game as you can do as long as it is with respect. Please, if you don't like something from a company or game, talk to your wallets. If you liked it/disgusted my review/review I would appreciate that you use your time and values with the buttons below.