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Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf review
by Tramandai

It’s very difficult to build some kind of a strategy here, as the game doesn’t help you. Every special enemy is so hard to beat that it slows you down - instead you’ll be killed by dozens of enemies. In the end, the process become quite frustrating, and though I see the potential of this game, I can’t recommend it.  

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
I see negative opinions and I confess that I do not understand why... I am talking about the PC version I did not play the other. The game is long, difficult, unfair and offers campaign modes, challenges not to mention the customization of decks that are more attacks or displacement during your game. And there are a lot of cards that you can even do card mergers to get more powerful. The campaigns are super friendly with really cool missions like when you have to hurry to finish the level while the lava rises gradually. I was not hot at the start by what I had read bcp of negative criticism on. Bah frankly this is one of the best game in the genre that I played (ignoring Xcom of course...). Rushing like a nag will bring you nothing here, will have to think, move your characters wisely and take into account the fatigue of each characters and enemies to be able to play as much as possible and make the maximum damage before dying. Unfair as x-com in the sense where we often miss his target doing far less degree than expected. The customization of decks is huge, hundreds of cards, fusionable to have higher versions which will keep you in suspense for a while before doing something that fits the road. 3 levels of difficulty in the field (contrary to what I read). I played at the last of the beginning and it is extremely hard. I just finished the last campaign of the basic game and I have shone but I rarely have as fun even when I run behind my screen. You also have the Armory that allows you to depening runes as you gantry in campaign to optimise your main character and his armor. 3 classes available for this last Scout, grey Hunter, terminator. Every time you buy an enhancement for an armor you have to make a choice between two proposals to get bonuses on your hero. You can change at any time and test Diferente combination. If the armor of your heros can increase in level amount during the campaigns you can also increase that of your Sidekick and the still there is choice. Defis mode, survive 10 waves of enemies that are increasingly powerful. It bears its name well but becomes rather easy when you control the game well and we have adequate maps. Then I bought the extentions because as I said I love this game. I haven't tested the other campaign yet. I did the seciale challenge the fall of Kanak it is super hard and I had to take it back to several times to make an acceptable score 72 cranes. The I just tested the other, much easier but very immerssif. Finally I understand why people criticize so much this game that wants much better than a dawn of war 3 surfing on the same license. If you like the tactical at the Xcom, you like w40k and you're not afraid of challenges go ahead.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It is a great annoying thing that in some Missions the additional mission goals cannot be achieved! I ignore the 1-2 remaining Enemies to reach the Box yet and the AI Controlled Rune priest will kill them! Or he completes his Task and you have absolutely no Time or Chance to do anything yet! More Time or control There would be better time or Control! With Euros I also don't buy Packages, far too expensive!!! The Price Policy is too fierce! You have to do something again. Furthermore, the new Comrades and the Upgrade Sites are far too expensive!!! Why does this have to cost Thousands of Coins that you can't get through Missions any time soon???!!! We'll think about all your remarks, thank you for your feedback.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Very nice Game graphically, engaging for fans, like me, of the books of the various sagas. Cumbersome Gameplay especially in the formation of the deck, because of the rather wacky choice of wanting to force create a tactical game with cards (???). Very Difficult to evolve the characters. Without spending (several) real money becomes almost impossible to succeed in earning some Soldino, only hope spend weeks waiting to collect prizes daily... And the more the updates go on, the more creators reveal their true intention: specular! The Emperor would send the best legions to exterminated those who made this beautiful game a simple appearance. A Mirror for larks! We are very sorry that you didn't like the game, but, unfortunately, it happens. Anyway, thanks for the interest in the project.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is very good in itself and front but you can only create later Missions by pushing your Soldiers to a high Level very quickly and that can only be done with Gold for Money. Of course, you can earn gold through Missions, but that is far from enough. I don't mind that the Developers want to make Money and don't bring the Game to market out of sheer Kindness, but here is completely exaggerated. A Level for one of 10 Soldiers or Commander Classes costs quickly over €10 and there are plentiful Levels. In Other words, even if you invest 80 or €100, it really brings you further, after which a lot of Time or Money is required. Because of this you need Tons of Money to get further in the Game and there is no further Motivation to play later nor does there seem to be many Players, s wait after 10min you won't find any Opponents in Multiplayer mode. Thank you for your feedback, we'll think about it.
PC version is much better than mobile. A variety of missions, more effective tactical cards, improved visuals. The progression is slow but enjoyable. The game is grindy but it’s not very difficult to get new cards. And here you always know that your success during missions actually depends on your skills - not the cards you have.