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The Long Journey Home review
by Tramandai

This has an outstanding story and characters, and I think that their interaction is great. If you want a really deep game with a cool plot, try this one. But be ready that it's hard as hell. 

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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Long Journey Home-the first Game that actually made me Howl. TL; DR: It's definitely worth it. If you're Looking for a Game that has other Surprises and Challenges in store for you every Time You go through, TLJH is the game. If you're looking for a Game that doesn't give you anything and you have to work hard for everything, TLJH is a clear Recommendation. Do You have strong Nerves and a high Frustration Tolerance? Buy yourself. Long Version & short Anecdote: After countless Attempts in which I am scared relatively early, there were three In which I was only 9000 Parsec away from Earth. And then-just now-I stood in front of the last Fog, no Money for the Gate, no exotic Matter And nothing more that could be sold in order to at least be able to afford the stupid Gate. When Trying to pick up at least a bit of Helium, I then scrapped my Lander and got an EM canister from the Entrope, which didn't really help me at the Moment, but was at least a Way to Sell. So I charged at the Sun, picked back to the Entrope and my Lander and back a Star System Again to maybe pick up something for Sale. Said done-here-made with the Silicates, which I could sell well at the Entrope. With that, I had enough Money for the Gate to the last Fog-and immediately for a tank Charge and an extra jump. So back to the Gate-and what awaits me behind it? A Hell-in Sector with heaps of Pulsars and black Holes. I had already given up my Hope in front of the gate, took the Warning of the friendly Reeves at the Gate quite seriously and didn't think I would reach the Earth alive because my Crew were far from well. Then-after charging On a suitably lying Pulsars (story fashion!), I finally reached Earth. And I don't know what I expected-maybe that I'm Doing Air jumps and cheering? Definitely I was sitting there, had ne fat Goosebumps, shaking and had Tears in my Eyes. My Head was empty-on the one hand I was overjoyed, on the other hand I just ... relieved, shocked, asking me how I had please got this Done after this Hellseed. Then... The Credits ran through and I just howled. Rarely experienced a Game that has sparked so many Emotions in me-Joy, Grief, anger, Frustration, Relief, etc.pp. And it was worth every single Minute, every decision and every Penny. The Game is quite repetitive after a While-you fly to the next System, fly to planets, graze them by Raw Materials and keep flying. Defiant that the Basic Framework Is always the same, you have an incredible amount of Variety and a lot of Challenges you face. Do you do that now, thereby upsetting other Races that might make it hard for you later, or do you commit to that one Race and stay in The standing of the others? Is it Worth the Risk of flying into this and that Planet? Do you take the Risk of being attacked by a Wolphax for having the Survivor found in a Wreck on Board-or the Risk of getting Mightily trouble for having something illegal on Board? Practically every Minute you have to make a different Decision that can be good or bad-for the Moment or for the Rest of The Game. Personally, I was under a powerful Pressure at all Times, which also stirred me up a little inside. You have to make Decisions about Things you don't have Information about-and live with the Consequences. The Long Journey Home doesn't give you anything-but every little Success, every little nod, every Bit more Knowledge, triggers an incredibly strong Feeling in one when you get into it. The Price is justified in my Opinion-every Penny is worth it, just for all the Easter Eggs, the triggered Feelings, the gorgeous music and Graphics, the Lovingly designed and different Races. I was rarely as fazed by a Game as I was about this one. Please, please, Daedalic West-if any of you should read this: You did an insanely great Job. Thank you very Much for that! :)
This game is nothing more than a bunch of 2d mini games with awful, just awful controls.  
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»