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Dead Space 2 review
by Top Dawger

The first game is better. Dead Space 2 has more content but who needs the sequel if we have such an outstanding original?  

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Another good example why I choose my own rating system, not this websites. This game isn’t meh. The story was sweet. The atmosphere is sweet. The gameplay is still quite good. It’s a third tier game because that’s where my enjoyment level with it was when replaying it years later, but that doesn’t mean this is a negative review. It’s better than the first dead space in pretty much every way.

Final Score: B+
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I'Ve played through for the second Time and I still think the best Dead space is so far, even if Dead Space 1 is greyish and has more shock moments. I like the Weapons very much as long as you can combine them well. The Weapon shoots the Chainsaw blades, Laser Cannon and Energy Cannon I find only unuseless. In Stress Situations, the ones are not to be used. 1th has very low Range and the other two only make a lot of wums, but you can't separate the Body Parts. Best Choice for me: Plasma Butter, Flamethrower, Harpoon Rifle and Detonator. Say that just because you find yourself a lot of good to spare. Once wrong Equipment and you are already doing a lot more. As soon as the Nekros get too close it can already be too late so shoot mines on Walls and pay nice attention to the Back. Then come these exciting Moments: Survive ichs or not yet? Often you have to give yourself a real amount of time and then the Sense Of achievement is great. The Only Minus Point about the Game is that You very often can't understand the Appearance. Nevertheless, History has succeeded very well. Nice Gloom as befit a Horror Game. What I also find so uniquely good is the Setting. The Rooms are very harmoniously implemented and do not all look the same: Hangar, Kindergarten, Sports Hall, Space ... I find the Lighting uniquely successful. Every now and then you are in the dark And can shoot with Light Flares or Lamps that illuminate the Room shuddering. Dead Space 3 I stop for an Action Game and No very good but Dead Space 2 will keep you entertained. Maybe you will also like to try out new Game + to unlock the new Prototype Suit (scroll down after End credits and wait until it is out)
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Superior in all respects to the first. Point to line. Very beautiful (and will adapt without problem to the most modest bikes), with exceptional sound effects and a soundtrack that surpasses that of the first shutter (and it had to be done), dead space 2 keeps a horrific and terrifying side very well felt. We feel vulnerable, we jump with pleasure (some jumpscares but not excessive), we rage well as it is necessary when the game balances the waves of Necromorph on our truncated. The adventure is beautiful, relatively short but sufficiently rhythmic and effective to ensure that attention is not lost. Finally, the game is relatively easily in normal difficulty to advanced... Until the last episode. I wanted to sodomize the developers with crushed glass, torture their offspring before their eyes because of the stupidly high difficulty of the last phases of the game: invincible enemy who follows you everywhere, fight against Nicole absolutely farted and unfair as soon as the ammunition lacks (quasi-zero visibility, minions that blazes continuously), and I pass. The developers were clearly dumb to put a difficult walk as steep pile at the end of the adventure, it made me want to stop the direct game. Anyway, it's still fitting with the pathetic end bonus: the highest level of difficulty gives you only three (!!!!) backups for the whole adventure. No thanks EA, I have a life. Another negative: glitches that can force you to restart the game in order to move forward; For example, doors are set to be open only at the end of a RIG communication phase. If the latter does not launch, you are blocked, point bar-more than reboot. And it happened to me once a complete adventure. Users (constrained) of Windows 10, know that it will also be necessary to hack to have a correct display format, the game is not optimized for this new version of OS. Aside from that, if you liked the first one, go for it, it's all good. To play, of course, in the helmet and in the dark for an optimal effect. + Impeccable graphics + exemplary sound atmosphere + enemies who are uncomfortable (rare) + feeling of vulnerability + rhythmic adventure + correct replayability (if the highest difficulty level is omitted)-extremely abrupt overcoming of stupid fix to the last chapter-Glitchs that break the game-compatibility with Win10 disgusting-30fps (damage)
So sad that Visceral Games won’t make another great game for us. Dead Space is a masterpiece. It perfectly stands the test of time, and becomes even more enjoyable with every playthrough.