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Just Cause 3 review
by Segovo

The only game where you can drive out of a cargo plane, walk out onto the wing of a jet, and glide around mountain tops. 

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Awful physics. No optimization. That's pretty much it. 
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
This is a good game to fuck around in, but gets old really quick.
Not a bad game (although not as good as JC2 in my opinion) but it's filled with bugs, performance issues, and always online DRM. And don't hope that avalanche will fix it, as they're too busy pushing out DLC to make more money.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Just Cause 3 is not a bad Game, you can think of it as a "Worsened" Just Cause 2. The Graphics are not bad, and can be seen, the Game world is as you would like from a Just Cause title (Large) but unfortunately one thing has gone very unnoticed here, and all the Settlements, of which there is far too little in Just Cause 3. And the Settlements are far too easy to take one. In Just Cause 2 you at least had to look for the most remote Box and before the Reinforcement you hardly had any rest. So that I find a pretty Weak Performance, ending from the Song after 25std was Every single Province Frees. Furthermore, when taking the Provinces, one is very annoying, you actually only need to steal a Helicopter, clean the Settlements with the infinite ammunition at a height of 200 -300 metres, so That one does not attract The attention of the Authorities. And at the end, when the Loudspeakers and Plaques are destroyed as well as the Police Station is devastated, you only have to leave Lands and the Rebels in at a safe Distance. Just Disable the Monitoring System Ready. Also, the Fine Helicopters come to you in large Quantities, and that flew So close that you can steal Quasi non-stop helis when your own burn. Well, I actually only Stole Di Ravelo his Provinces. And now we come to the somewhat unpleasant Things from other Reviews that I didn't want to believe at first, because taking the Area actually worked without Crashes etc. But this is the Case in the Storyquests, with the "Defectors" mission alone, the Game crashed 3x. After that it went again, and no sooner did I want to go to the next Mission than the Game crashed again. In addition, you get powerful Graphics Errors as soon as you use too many Ropes, in addition, there are so many Glitches that it can become really corrosive. Verdict: Just Cause 3 is an entertaining Game, if it doesn't crash, I played completely without DLCs and could at least take all The territories, but the Storyline won't let me go any further, then the Game will close. I'm not going to list all The Negative Points either, but in my Eyes it's a little too many. But one thing to say, with Just Cause 2 since her best served. So I prefer to invest there, because Just Cause 3 is a Gamble with its Perfomance (One of which is not the case). And as a result of this all this is relatively unoptimized, you don't have a great Lording out because the AI is just stupid, and various Glitches even support this. Only where it gets really Heavy is in the HSW or Bavarium areas, but this is also just a Drop in the ocean. Buy at your Peril.
I’m disappointed because the devs gave this title up. It’s not new, and bugs had to be fixed years ago. Instead we have falling FPS, constant crashes and other problems. I know that this game is fun, I’m sure it is, but currently it’s just unplayable.  
Oh, this game is all about I love in action games: a great story, lots of explosions you can set here and there, badass moments to feel like a hero. And you can take beautiful screenshots! I appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the pictures from the game I made myself. And the game is so photogenic that it literally pushes you to take shots.