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Fantasy Life review
by Uneducated_Reviews

It took me around 30 hours to get the credits in Fantasy Life but I roughly felt them, there are certain things that are stellar in this game, like the character design or environmental design, but for me the one that stood up the most was the writing, it has this comedic and beautiful tone that is not so common in a game aimed for "kids" but is brilliant, the gameplay is good but it felt kind of repetitive towards the end, maybe if I spiced things a little more with its job system which here is called "Life" maybe it could felt a little different.

My biggest complaint is mostly in its quest system, mainly in its main quests, which felt too systematic and stiff, if you want to advance on the story you cannot bring your party (you have 2 slots for different party members), instead there is a scripted party that sometimes is only 1 partner, the problem is that if you accepted the main quest, you can't add or change the party set up till you finish that chapter, it may seem like a nitpick but it grew by the middle of the story, and it also doesn't help that every chapter is structured in a very similar way, so it feels kinda repetitive. Another minor issue is the music, it's composed by Final Fantasy's original composer Nobuo Uematsu, and it has a certain charm but it sounds a little bit generic or simplistic at times, which maybe is kind of the point because this game is so simple and user friendly, it simplifies a lot of the quirks and complex mechanics of a "grow up" RPG and puts them in a game aimed for little kids, that is quite the feature I think.

Fantasy Life didn't change my life but I had a very pleasant time on it, its world is colorful and charming like a grandma tale, and it offers a simple but rewarding job system that even gives you a musical number when you master it. I think that FL is a nice entry to the RPG genre for little kids (I'm genuinely considering giving this game to my kids in the future) but it also has a nice challenge if you're up to the grinding.
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The scope of this game is massive, and it pulls it off without much of a hitch. Almost every gameplay style feels interesting and satisfying, from dragonslaying to woodchopping. Multiplayer is a blast. The dialogue is your average quirky game schtick, but well written. Memorable music. 10/10 wish this blew up
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