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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze review
by Arturas

Well it's a weird case of being able to write a review in one sentence — „Not as good as Rayman Origins, or Rayman Legends :D.

No, but seriously — Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a marvelous, beautiful platform, action game with a dash of puzzles presented via level design, hidden areas and boss fights. Great purchase for families or households with several players, cause it's actually better, funnier and feels beatable when played in couch co-op mode :D. With that said, I just have to add, that from the moment when Rayman Origins exploited this approach, no one really could do it better. Donkey Kong Country gets really close, but it's a bit lacking. It's beautiful and well executed, but its difficulty increase is quite steep going from chapter to chapter. Of course, there are assists, like special modes for noobs, or ability to skip a level, but those are a bit over the top, to be used by anyone willing to beat the game as it is. Rayman, for example, has a more balanced curve with a plethora of levels giving time to grasp new mechanics and increasing tempo. Also, Rayman can solve difficult issues by simply inviting more friends (up to 4) to play, since the game gets a bit easier with more people joining (one can always stay safe and revive others). So I wrote all this to really encourage people to try Rayman first, since the game is available on all consoles, while Donkey Kong Country is more suited for those obsessed with Nintendo characters and those who had enough of Rayman already :D.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»
Sir Lagsalot
Gosh this game is so nostalgic... I've been a Donkey Kong fan ever since I tried it as a kid on a SNES.

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I thought the original trilogy couldn't be matched... I was wrong
Classis side-scrolling DK action.
Strong start, final two levels are kinda bad. One is a whole world full of water stages, the other is "ice-themed" i.e. what if the same game but with worse physics. Relies too much on memorization-as-difficulty, especially as it goes on. Bosses drag way too long.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
The best 2d platformer of all time. The amount of passion and wonder this game oozes with is remarkable as the luscious environments dance around you to the fantastic soundtrack as the game perfectly blends a fast pace and an incredible sense of exploration. This game was packed with more heart and soul than I can fully describe. It's as close to perfection as a 2d platformer gets.
«Blew my mind»
«Liked before it became a hit»
This game is fun, but very frustrating. When I bought the game I was told it was hard, but I was under the impression of "it's a kids game, how hard could it be?"... turns out the answer is very.
Well, I can’t compare Switch and Wii U version as I don’t have Wii but I’m disappointed. I just don’t understand why people like this game. Hope, Pokémon or Super Smash Bros. will make me happy. Or maybe I’m just not into platformers. 
I like such bright and fun platformers! Every level is interesting and challenging, the visuals and music are gorgeous, the game fun to play. If you have the Wii U version, it’s not worth to buy but if you don’t, go try it now!