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Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition review
by Clawclock

Not so good story as Dragonfall, though side missions are better. Also, more visually and technically polished.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Shadowrun Hong Kong is the Successor to Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Dragonfall. Accordingly, you can't expect much New, the Developers stay true to each other. So If you didn't have any Fun with the two Predecessors, you won't be Surprised here either. If you don't know Shadowrun, you can think of it as a Lap Strategy game. Dialogues are all Text-based, even Gestures and Facial expressions are described, so there are no Language Dialogues. The Story takes place in a rather gloomy cyberpunk era that I personally like very much, the Setting is just fascinating. Gameplay The Gameplay consists essentially of running through the Levels to complete Missions, reading very well-written Dialogues and contesting Round-based combat. In Combat, you control each Character of the Group individually. However, One can only act to a limited extent, the Core is to deal properly with the Action Points [AP]. Each Action costs AP. The whole thing is a Lot of Fun as the Characters have different Skills and Weapons. Equipment is bought by Preserving Nuyen from various Retailers. There is also a Skillsystem, which makes your Character stronger and you have several Options in some Dialogues, for Example, such as Intimidation, can hack Computers or even control Drones. One should specialize in something otherwise the Character can do a lot, but nothing right. However, If you have the right Team Members with you, you have a Solution for every Situation. Graphic/Sound The Graphics are slightly better than those of its Predecessors. It is the same hand-drawn Style, however, More Colorful and sharper. The Character Models in particular look far nicer than in Returns or Dragonfall. Not for everyone but it looks really good. The Interface has also been revised. The Sound Effects are fine, the Music background is great again. Hare-brained Schemes has it easy to find the right pieces of Music on it. If I Had to describe the Music, I would say it's a Mix of traditional Chinese Music and more modern typical Cyberpunk Music. Atmosphere A dark, cold Cyberpunk world with many interesting Characters and beautiful Dialogues backed up with very pleasant, matching Music! With me, something of a very ingenious Atmosphere comes up. The whole thing is adorned with an interesting Story. As in my Predecessors, I was not disappointed here either, I like it even better in the Overall Package. One Thing, however, should be known. The Game is completely in English. So If you don't even master the Basics, you should leave your Fingers off the Game and wait for a Language pack. Otherwise, a nice Game awaits you to have a Lot of Fun with. The Price of 19.99 Euros is, in my Opinion, still justified. Shadowrun fans will love it ...