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Close Combat 3: The Russian Front review
by Tohobey

This is a very cool game for its time. In those early years I played on my friend's computer and it was unforgettable. The game plunged into an atmosphere of events:
1. Realistic for its time, the system of damage;
2. Monitor the status of each individual fighter: morale, fatigue, ammunition, even the surname of each fighter;
3. Heartbreaking cries of wounded and rumbling explosions;
4. Shelters, weather, etc., etc .;
5. Soldiers go after you the whole game and if he was killed, then left, if he was alive, he earned an invaluable experience and tempered his fighting spirit;
6. Melee.
In general, for those who see this game for the first time, it may seem boring, but for those who decide to understand it, it will open in all its glory. But for those who have already played there is nothing to explain, they already know that behind the running pixel soldiers lies the fighting atmosphere Close Combat 3.
For the Motherland!