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Hammerfight review
by Thomas

It seems strange at first, but it's a lot of fun, and has a surprisingly creative world, characters and story hiding behind this obscure game mechanic.
«Can’t stop playing»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
This Game I bought it in a Humble Bundle, I admit that at first did not call me much attention mainly because you have to give "skill" with the controls, and calibrate them well (which is the first thing that makes the game), the tutorial is VERY short for my taste and does not let you "to Claw his hand "in indefinite time, the truth is that it would have been better than the level where you choose the weapons and be tested would have to be the first. Besides everything is explained to you in text walls. Passing The fact of the learning curve, the game is VERY funny, both in campaign mode and in "Solitaire Games" mode, the variety of weapons is quite large and although it seems that all are equal when playing it you realize that no , that the shape of the gun, and what kind of weapon, and whether it's a chain or not and the weight, have a LOT to do. It'S a game with simple controls (just mouse movement, and some keyboards like shortcuts, but you can play it with the mouse alone), in which you have to synchronize the timing and power of the turn to give devastating blows to your opponent, or disarm (sip , you can disarm here... And it feels NICE to do it). The Big Truth is that it has very intense fun time. Followed by levels with varying difficulty (some are medium, other easy and others VERY DIFFICULT). You Have the option to play it in local Co-Op by connecting up to 4 mouse.... But it has no internet multiplayer (why????, it would be great to play this online, it has modes that re give play it so....). The story, is forgettable, complicated and exposed in the worst possible way, through dialogues LAAAAARGOS and wall of texts (literally WALLS of text). There are Not too many technical errors (sometimes Realentiza when you saturate a cacho the effects screen if you have a poor compu like me:D), but did not find any bug that breaks the game. The graphics are... Functional, do not highlight anything, but are not emetics, work nothing more. The music would be the same as the previous. In Short, it is a game with a complicated learning curve (mainly for its unique controls), which really lacks the option of a non-local multiplayer, and I really cry that (it would be SO fun to play this in multi....), but the campaign is what Fun and challenging enough to keep you entertained for a while, and you can always try to connect more mouse for amusement at home with the Compas. If You want to play a game with a VERY fun and not very long gameplay... This is your game, now if you are looking for history, good graphics, musica de la ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, or online multiplayer (WHY???????? .... srsly WHYYYY NOOOOOTTTT??), is the game for you.