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Devil May Cry 4 review
by Valtel

I life this DMC the most. I like its visuals, style and gameplay. It's really enjoyable and full of quality content. I feel orgasm when in the menu screen that women says "Devil May Cry". So sexy!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Of all, 100% of my Own Opinion was included in this Review. Item. : Great & Captivating Story Beautiful Graphics despite the slightly longer Release Gut Animated and Good Feeling Combo's Exciting And Strenuous boss battles (When playing at the last Difficulty stage.) Neutral: Some tricky key Assignment that you first have to get used to. Neg. : In some Places Backtracking (Some of a Fake thing for me, however, it's not at all) An Absolute Buy Recommendation!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Dat Review is written from the point of view of a Devil May Cry Freshman, so HAVE mercy DMC Fans. I bought the Game in the Afternoon for €20only just to test my new gamepad, from DMC I didn't know a single Chara except Dante and Nero (and such a Type called Vergil), I alluded to the third part a year ago with a Buddy on his PS3 and was quite eager t. So immediately installed and run to the Bacon. Gameplay: Ruckplug will be stylish, combos out and just beat up everything and everyone you get in front of it, or simply, a classic Hack & slay. Nero: Nero had made me much more fun from gamepaly than Dante, this Engine at this Sword for Extra Damage was really Fun and was something completely different than I'm actually used to Normal Hack & Slays, The Revolver was quite Nett even if unfortunately bitsl Useless when One did not charge the Shots, The Devil Buster (or as the Arm was called) was ne sau geile mechanik (and that you can disagree and boss with it in a minicutscene mid-in The FIght thrown through the area was a real Highlight! Dante: Dante, on the other hand, was very monotonous to play, The 4 styles unfortunately didn't make it any better, Dante was pure on the groping hammering to just make dmg which was a bit of a shame. Something similar to Nero'S Engine would have done Gameplay really well, unfortunately dante played out like the Types in other Hackn & Slays as well. Key Clumps until the Controller dies. In Short, pure long boredom. Sound: The Sound really succeeded and as an enthusiastic Rock and Metal Fan I immediately fell in love with the OST, Shall never Surrender Is a pretty song. Technique: The Game has a very low requirement, and even ran on my for today's ratios Gammelbox on 60! Fps. Pretty nice. Syncro: Can I not mecker, the Speakers for Nero Dante etc. did a powerful Job. Conclusion: Nice game which has captivated me quite a bit, yet the Gameplay with Dante really goes to the Biscuit because this Monotoniness just starting ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ t. Otherwise clear Buy recommendation. Achja: I also find Nero much more sympathetic than Dante. = P Edit1: To see banner overdescribed.