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Cat Quest review
by Tzeelim

I’d recommend the game, if you are not against SHORT and SIMPLE games, because that is what Cat Quest really is. Bu it is also FUN and JOYFUL, so to me that was not a problem.

Well, where do I start? First of all, this is a brawler with cats. The visual side of the game is very nice and colorful. The quest side is full of action.

This is a casual game for younger players - or older players that happen to like cats or just want to take a break from complex and heavy RPGs. But the quality of the game is above average, because when something is made for younger audience, you know how it happens, sometimes devs think kids are too stupid, so they will play anything that is for kids. So again I recommend the game for everybody who want to relax and laugh at some silly and clever cat-themed puns. Absolutely a must have to play with your kids. But if you are a serious PC-gamer and dig only deep storylines, complex characters and suchlike, then don’t bother to try it.

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Recomendado (corto)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Whisk Meowmmen To The fellows test the cat-out adventure! #purrpurr How do you get this Introduction to the Review here? Amusing? Annoying? Somehow something of both? The Answer could already hint at the Direction you should take in terms of Buying-because so "kätzerig" are ALL conversations you have with the NPCs. I have already forgotten The Story myself-a Cat sets out to fight for Evil. Finished. There is nothing more to tell. You walk in a 2D world from a Bird's eye view through the manageable And less characteristically designed world, go every now and then into generic Dungeons that could not have been more Generic, always see the Level Recommendation of the Sidequests and Cave Entrances As well as feeling through the wonder of the Enemies, whether you are up to them or not-and either follow the Main Quest or pause it by accepting one of the numerous and mega-interchangeable Sidequests. You then meet, in order to get coal and EXP, to rise one of 99 Levels (which, according to experience, is slowing down and pulling in Terms of the numerous generic Quests and the generic world of extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemst cheaugum-like) and And find Items again. You can't deepen Them, but they are automatically upgraded for free By repeatedly finding them. Unfortunately, you click through more or less interesting Text Walls here, complete Relatively fun free quest After Quest, run a Wolf on the Map and work towards a Handful of Trophies that simply refuse to be unlocked-because they are all only in the " Now all together "feeling at the End of the Game By Diligence pop up Together. Cat Quest looks really teasing and includes the typical RPG Level-up motivational spiral, but in terms of content, absolutely icy Wind whistles through the dead pants here. Canceled the Game from Level 36 due to absolute Boredom and maximum Understrain:(
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I tried the console game and I decided to buy it for iPhone, but I did not think that the commands for smartphones were so bad, even have removed the dodge and impossible to dodge quickly attacks, please add another mode of command Because the game is really nice but with these commands it becomes difficult to appreciate the best, plus I think a classic control with the digital stick would be perfect for the type of game
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Microsoft from Norsk
The game is clearly aimed at a younger demographic than me, but I still enjoy the ingenious combat system and the overall flow of the game to drive you onwards. The game is not grindy (if anything, you almost level up too quickly!) which I appreciate immensely. I hope a spiritual sequel would go a little bit deeper; something along the lines of Battleheart: Legacy. Huge kudos to the developers for creating an action-RPG that doesn't feel awkward to play on a touch screen!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is very nicely designed. Many RPG Elements have been implemented Super. Side Quests, enough Skills and good Control. This, coupled with the Cat World, makes the Game a 5-Star Worthy review for me so far. Had already played the Game completely, even with the per Settings and had not lost any Appeal for it. The only Thing that could yet come is more Content, as you can play through it after just an Hour. It would be really cool if a second Part or larger content Updates came along. More Classes etc. Otherwise Top
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Microsoft from French
If you know and love "Battleheart legacy" by Mika mobile (which I also warmly recommend), you'll love cat quest. A super fun RPG, unpretentious, and especially perfectly well done at the interface level. For me a real iPad game should allow to hold the iPad with one hand and play on the other. And that is exactly what is happening here. I'm at level 30 (on 99) and about 10 hours of play. The quests are more wacky and intriguing, the fighting mode is not getting boring. And there's a lot of feline humor! Finally, the compromise between simplicity and interest of equipment, spells and levels is very well managed. In short, for me it is a perfect 20/20. I know I'm going to be there again at least 20 hours. I would definitely recommend it. He's worth the slightest cent of his price.