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Hand of Fate 2 review
by Tzeelim

The sequel is more story-driven than the first game. There's also the addition of companions and their stories, so you don’t feel that they are just ‘cards’ played in the battle.

The new chance mechanics are curious, I really liked the dice and card wheel.The addition of fame and the need to use certain equipment is cool. New encounters make the gameplay something different, not just an ordinary success/failure mechanic in HoF.

It's not all good news, tho. First, the battles feel a little unresponsive, the reaction time feels really off. I failed a lot dodging and parrying because I just missed the prompts. Second, no endless mode. But the most annoying thing to me was the warp cutscene when you start and finish battles, it is just too bright and flashy, so if you are an epileptic, beware! No, I’m being serious here.

But overall, if you enjoyed the origianl HoF, give the sequel a try, you are sure to like it. It's not perfect but fun and you feel lots of love from devs in here.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Hello Readers, I haven't played for long, but what I've already seen is worth the Money alone:) A very lovingly designed game, the Game triggers an increased addiction Factor:D (At least with me)-if you can't decide here-> my attempt to make it easier for you to make the Decision; You like RPG? You like Card Games? You like good Soundtracks? You like a Moothing Atmosphere? Then you're in the right place at Hand of Fate 2. Clear Buy recommendation-but I don't need to write that for those who have played the first Part.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Hello Folks, I only have just under 2 Hours of Play on Buckel, but still want to share my first Impression with You ^ ^ If I want to say it briefly: BOAH WHAT A GEILES GAME The first Part was already really bang I find and I was a bit skeptical about the second Ch. "Can this get better than the first one?" "Does the second Part do justice to the first?" Were so asking I asked myself. Everything evaporated after I started the Game. What's Going on: It's a Kind of Card Game in which each Card includes a different Event. Sometimes you have to fight for something Dice, sometimes fight or just make a Decision. In the End, as a Reward, You sometimes get Gold, weapons o Armor or Food, which is also quite important. With this principle you contest the whole Game, Level by level, until you have a high replay value through is AND it, since you have to assemble your Cards for the Rounds yourself, so there is an always different "game." Graphic: It's become really very nice, the Table and the Surroundings around the Dealer Are pleasantly detailed and reflect the Atmosphere great. Small Patrons are in Level Design when you have to come, even these beautiful details have, but this could be a little more, which does not give off the Fun of playing. Sound: The Music is quite pleasant to listen to and not annoying for duration, the Weapons do not sound so great, but this does not bother in the case. All over it, I would say is the Sound and the Music made great. Control: Now to the Control with the Keyboard I can't say anything, because I play this in principle with a Controller. The handling via the Controller is simple and Simple designed, so that there are no problems. In pat it seems to me a little like the Controller is reacting a bit slowly, but can also be that you just need some exercise. My Conclusion: It is an absolutely all-round successful Successor to the first Part, with good Improvements and smaller, hardly significant, macerating. Definitely worth its Money. Take a look: Have Fun