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DayZ review
by Tryall

I had great times on the DayZ mod (Mod of the Arma 2 Games). The game had only a few features. It was the first Open-World survival with no real goal (except surviving). The way players had new liberties to interact each others was great. I really loved this game. (And the mod community mod of the mod itself was really pleasing too).

This Game (DayZ standalone) was launched to make the developpement easier than the mod. The mod was limited by the Arma2 game. Arma III was around the corner. The Zombie IA was not really impressive, players wanted more features, more realism. The main argument I hear about that was "The Zombies IA of the DayZ mod is a modification of the soldier IA from Arma2, it's normal if it's buggy and not so great. But you will see, with DayZ standalone, everything will change !". 

After almost 6 years after the Alpha release of the game (2013). The game is full of useless features no one wanted. Cars and truck (an important feature of the mod) took 2 to 3 years to be available. Zombie IA is broken. The game is not balanced. Survival is not pleasing. You can't play if you join on a full server 2 days after the loot-reset. You will found nothing and starve to death before reaching the cities that don't have been fully looted by other players.

Don't play this game. It's real poison.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»

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«Liked before it became a hit»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
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Early Access Review Hello, I've been Collecting DayZ since the 0.48 and over 3000 Hours of Play. I can say that I have tried everything DayZ has offered in content and still offers it now. Unfortunately, the survival feeling only came up in the first couple of Hours. Everything was still new and you had to find your way around, but at the latest after you found out that the Zombies don't really do so much Damage and also never plug in, canned Food and drink water are completely replaced by apple trees was DayZ Only a Shooter with the possibility to break his Legs, connect Wounds and interact with his "Enemies." Things like the Syringe Don't work to this day. You can draw Blood into the Top, but you never get it there again, you can also pull Painkillers from these small Glass Bottles into the Syringe but don't splash anywhere. And these are things that have been in the Game for over 3 Years now but have never worked. Then they managed to incorporate 3 different Vehicles into the game, which also worked Super from their Mechanics. Why they were then taken out of the Game again, no one declares themselves. Now they have reinserted the Vehicles and they don't even work. Cars with broken Tyres drive better than those with whole Tyres. You don't need fuel either. Lags that let an irregular Crass cause of course also good Damage to the Car, so you can only move at Step speed. Invisible Walls on the Streets make for their usual. A Rag which lies under the Car on the Road ensures that the Car is flung into the Air or sinks into the Ground as soon as you start the Car. Standing two Cars too close to each other happens the same thing ... Why Do Zombies manage to jump over Walls and Fences that are Twice as big as themselves, but you can only hop over Knuckle-high Fences yourself and sometimes even die at too high a Dandruff entrance? You could always describe Pieces of Paper with a Pen, since the 0.58 or 0.59 it just doesn't work anymore. You could make clothes from Skins Of animals yourself for a while, but they also managed to destroy that. They bring so many Flaws into play that destroy their old Content (the Few that is urgent in the Game at all) that they have more Flaws and Non-functioning items or Actions in the Game than Even players still play this Game. Yet by Far the Worst they did with the 0.62. As always, we need ONE HALBES YEAR!!!! 6 MONATE!!!! Waiting for an Update to see that the Game TECHNOLOGY NOTHING!!! REIN GARNICHTS!!!!! Has done. Just more Things that don't work and a Graphic that wouldn't have been the Best thing a Year ago. But Ok, an embellishment update for which you need half a Year, which brings even more Mistakes into Play. As Well as DayZ SA Players are used to, were it not for the client Crashes that are now permanently occurring with a lot of Players. Whether it's a 32 client or a 64 client, the Game crashes on a Server shortly after being Joins. Even a Reinstallation hasn't changed the Problem. I organized an Event on a Whitelist Server. The Event took place on 10.06.2017. With 30 Players, we had more than 150 Connection Disconnections and Client crashes in just 2 Hours. Some Participants could therefore not continue to Participate in the Event. We just have to look at the Player Numbers to see that this Game has been developed to Death. Over 60 Million for an Early Alpha Cashing in and then only Tanks for the Developer Studio Cluster have taken only Steps back in almost 4 Years in the Game ... As much as promised and announced, those at their Pace will not be achieved in 100 Years. If all this was urgent in the Game, all well and good. But they don't even have 1/4 of what they wanted implemented for 2015. Surely this is decaying, ripping off and Cheating!.... Most Players have simply seen how they have been taken more And more content out of the Game by destroying it through Bugs and Glitches, so they no longer have a Nerve for as ' 'n shit as Bohemia Interactive.