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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition review
by TorpedoArma

The ending might've been a bit more ugh hard hitting but still this is the shit. I had way more fun playing this than GTA IV. I'm so sad there won't be a sequel... and I hope the movie will end up being not as shit as AC.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Configuration: Win 7/64, Intel i5-750, Radeon HD5770 (Driver 14.9) and 4GB, resolution 1680 x 1050.-According to various Initial tests, both the Original Version with HighRes textures and the Definitive Edition run at approximately the same frame rates. I have to refute that at least with my Computer. While the Original Version reaches about 37 FPS with the free (!) downloadable textures on high Settings and with activated, high Antialiasing according to the play-owned benchmark, the Definitive Edition with the same Setting drops to 27 FPS, For it that Reduce the Default, which of course significantly damages quality. Better particle effects back or forth, I find it looks worse either way, it seems to me that the Textures of the Definitive Edition don't reach the Quality of the HighRes of the Original. The Colour Scheme also has a different effect, and I like the Original better here as well. Strangely Enough, the Definitive (Steam) even takes up 5 GB more Space (in about 17 GB to 12 GB), for what exactly? Did me do both the Main Game, The Add-ons and the Definitive, so the need for Space seems puzzling to me. -Bugs (Crashes, AI dropouts) I was able to observe in both, but so far very few and thus can be used. -The standard key assignment leads to a Bug in one of the last Missions, so you have to switch for the Sequence. Originals and Definitive Edition have separate Storage Levels. Stored can be Stored outside of missions at any time, otherwise after Completion. -Loading times are negligible as there. -The Camera is stubborn there as it is there. Original Version with free HighRes textures: + better Performance + (felt) better Graphics + standard control designed for Melee (Pairing with right Mouse button) Add-ons that Bring money or Reputation points spoil Gameplay-arcadige, but Peculiar Driving Physics Definitive Edition: + New Menus (new Mobile phone design, new Icons on the Map) + Better Implementation Of Add-ons (items at special Dealers or as Rewards) + Better driving Physics, Physics in General (Light, Particle Effects) + More destructible objects + New Side missions + game world even more detailed (many NPCs that Respond to the Player or go about their Day-to-day business, Rear-end Collisions) +/Standard control corresponds to reference (Focus on exchange of Gunfire) +/Display Manipulable Objects such As video Surveillance by Surrounding +/longer cool-down time after failed counter, faster Attacks of opponents-worse Perfomance (but Internet but not necessarily Standard)-(felt) worse graphics/textures in itself The Definitive Seems to be the better version-were it not for the Problem with the graphics, which seem to me to be a Step backwards in terms of Quality and Performance compared to the Original.