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Flinthook review
by Kaimynas

After playing it for around 10-15h I just can't recommend it. It's a fun game with gorgeous pixel art and chiptune soundtrack, but as a roguelike, it lacks so many things it baffles my mind. 

It seems there is a pattern with tribute games where they make a very good base with deep and fluid gameplay, but very grindy progression and lack of environmental and enemy variety. All the stages in the game look almost exactly the same with little variation between them, enemies are recycled over and over again, there are only 4 main bosses in the game with the same ones being reused countless times. But even if you don't mind this the game is a roguelike and it fails as one in almost any way. My biggest gripes are:

Too few upgrades in the run, it makes each run almost exactly the same;
Chest rooms with traps are pointless, 90% you will receive coins which are mostly meaningless but you can lose health in return so most of the players just skip them;
There is no reward after beating each boss, you receive a big sum of coins after beating them,  but you can't even use the coins afterward as the game just drops you to the main menu and there is no way to use them;
Runs are just too long, the last boss requires you to beat something like 15 rooms before you can fight him and you have to beat all the previous bosses at the end, it's just not fun;
Too many cheap deaths, there are so many traps which you just can't see at all as they are deliberately hidden, in the game where skill is king I find it backward to have such strange design choice;
Difficulty spikes too fast after the second boss;
There are so many other things wrong with this game as a roguelike so I just dropped it without beating. The game is fun, the hooking mechanics are slick and skill-based gameplay is right up my alley but the faults just poisons the overall base on the game.

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Flinthook is a perfectly decent Rogue lite. Not much more to be said about a pretty good game.
«Just one more turn»
«OST on repeat»
Translated by
Microsoft from French
A dynamic rogue-like perfect for short game sessions. Both require and thrilling, it is one of those games jouissive when we finally manage to see the end of a boss a little too tough. Personally, I prefer to play it on the gamepad than on the keyboard/mouse, for you to judge. By the same team that was able to make mercenary Kings, which was already an excellent 2D title, the animations of the different characters do not have to blush in front of any other title. If you are interested in the platform-action genre, you need it.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Do you have a pirate soul? you want or always dream of pillar the whole Galaxy? So gunthook is for you! Here you will find a tasty mix of genres through adventure, action, Roguelike, platform and finally a card system to collect, buy to upgrade your bounty hunter prefer. Humour and maneuverability are at the rendezvous with this title. You will jump everywhere thanks to your grapin and you will enjoy this. Or just pulled in any direction with your gun has blasme or your secondary weapon to inailés all enemies. Let's talk about enemies more varied than others, fun and realize well. And I haven't even talked about the bosses or I've been banging some bar of laughter. ^^ Your kill will be to tackle a pirate ship that will be generated procedurally (completely randomly), browse the different halls that will have appeared and come to grips. Kill the boss (a pirate leader) to collect a stone that will feed your compass to guide you to another pirate leader. Advent to launch a game you will be able to choose which ships you go and what mission you go to have to force Suri. Example: flyaxes infestation (flyaxes are flying insects), platoon on board, labyrinth, battalion aboard, tenacious troops, last,... A great choice of mission that will give you different goals. As said more to you will have a system of cards to collect, reap,... that will give you bonuses like earning more coins in the crates, higher critical hit, more PV and much more. You will also have levels that will give you the number of cards you can have on you. Because yes I did not speak but the card have a cost in point to equip them 1, 2, 3... The cool points: + the graphic look, the pixel art is really very well done, the animation pulls them out of blasme, explosion.... + the mix of genre you really have a lot and these cool! + The soundtrack tends to forget it but a good soundtrack motivates you more or less to play, there it is training and makes you want to destroy everything. I let you make your own opinion but if my evaluation has not convinced you yet I propose you a small video of gameplay, so do not hesitate to go for a ride and tell me what you thought in comments (positively as negatively the notes are advancing), to put a little blue thumb on the video (or not) and why not to subscribe to my channel if the content satisfies you.
This is not a roguelike. This is a twitch-style platformer with procedural generated levels. It's not that difficult actually, in one sense I may even call it easy, because you don't have to complete levels to gain experience and progress. This approach is a bit grindy, but it makes the game not so challenging. All in all, this game is okay, if you like challenging platformers.
A really charming game with some great art. The gameplay, however, became frustrating after a few hours. It was challenging at first, but then it became impossible to beat. The game charm lasts as long as you can beat it, but then it is just a pain of trying to nail the perfect timing and understanding patterns. Can't recommend it honestly.