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Deadlight review
by [dz]an

Primitive plot, repetitive gameplay. Still it has good style and short enough to finish it.
«Game over at last!»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Deadlight is hard to describe, it resembles more of a Work of art! When I started playing it, I was excited about the first Cut-off sequence. It's fantastic with how few Pictures, compared to similar Games, it comes to bring a Moving and stirring Story across. Not only the Story, but also the Setting fits perfectly with the Game. This is not about a muscle-packed Berserker Who kills every Zombie with reckage and is completely superior to them. No, it's about a normal Man who tries to survive and protect the lives of his Friends. The Backstory, which not only deal with the Outbreak of the Epedemic, but also the Actions of the Protagonist, is not only exciting, but at least so captivating. All in all, Deadlight is a Work of art lated in a 2.5D Game. If you haven't played this little Diamond yet, you should make up for it. Achivement Hunter beware! This Game is quite easy to master and the Achievement easy to get! If you want to improve your Stats, take a look! ;)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game would have had quite more Potential. Unfortunately, as a Player, you often find yourself confronted with "Game design from Hell." Which, at least with me, has led to more Frustration than Game. In Principle, I have nothing against Trial & error passages in Games, provided they are well implemented. Unfortunately, they are rarely in Deadlight though, and the more you approach the End of the Game, the more troublesome it gets. In any Case, I personally wondered very often what the Developers thought in certain Places and sat partly head-shaking in front of the Monitor. In addition, the rather hairy control (at least with Gamepad) also provides many Moments of Frustration. You often inevitably feel reminded of Assassin's Creed. Unfortunately, these Main Criticisms also come to such an importance that the quite existing positive Characteristics of Deadlight cannot really be worn at all. Like the Look, which is quite coherent and a little reminiscent of "This War of Mine." The Story, while generic and typically "zombie apocalypse," is fine. Especially since the Game has been under its Belt for a few Years and the big Zombie Hype in 2018 is long gone. The Main Character is relatively cool, but also leaves something pale. Side Characters are virtually none and the few that exist do not matter more or less. But I don't think it's too bad either. Another, though very personal, plus is the Setting Seattle/Washington, as I just like the City and the State. As I said, something a shame about Deadlight. A Little more Care and Depth of Play and it would have become a rock Solid Sidescroller. In the End, however, I was even happy that the Playing Time was so short with not even five Hours and I was able to remove the Game from my "Already long in the Library and therefore still to play" list.
Too short. The puzzles are too easy. Still, the atmosphere, the story, the graphics are good. A nice little game to play for an evening or two, but nothing too fancy.
The world is good, the game is good, but I finished it 100% in a few hours without rushing. I consider that you may buy it during a sale, but don't buy it for the full price.
A good platformer with beautiful graphics and animations. The game is way too short, it takes only a couple of days of slow playing to reach the end reading all the messages for the story background, searching for collectible items, etc. The puzzles are easy-peasy, the level design is often too simple.
In general, it is a very enjoyable classic 2D-platformer with some interesting context and a good setting.