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Metroid Prime Hunters review
by Uneducated_Reviews

I don't think making a follow up to one of the best games ever made is an easy task, not mentioning making a follow up in a very limited machine as the Nintendo DS is, but Hunters makes you miss a lot to play Metroid Prime on Game Cube.

There's a lot to not like and maybe hate in hunters and so little to like, so let's start with the good; the story is cool and interesting, the thing about the hunters, hunt or be hunted is an amazing idea but it just falls so short. Instead, you have a shooting gallery with annoying and super fast targets that also have homing attacks, so you have to make predictions of their random patterns to hit them, maybe it's fun the first time but not the 10th one. Speaking of repeating things, you will do that a lot of times, the thing goes like this; you arrive into one planet, clear some gallery rooms, encounter a hunter, found 3 scattered items in the planet (this is the most annoying part, since requires bad designed backtracking), go to the boss room and kill it, finally escape the planet, not because its exploding or anything but because is some kind of protocol, so you have to rush to your ship before time expires or you have to repeat the process from the start. After that, you have to repeat the process twice on each planet (there are four of them). If the thing was fun I wouldn't have to write this but it feels more like a chore, and the fact that the controls aren't great and that even almost hurt your hands doesn't help one bit.

The level design and environmental design are also awful, long gone are the great levels of Prime or Super, instead you have this gray and generic sci-levels that feels so plain, also as I mentioned, the controls are not good but that didn't stop the developers to add platforming sections, you even can insta-die if you fall, very bold of them.

There are two endings in this game, but I rushed to the first one because the last boss fight is as tedious and annoying as the others (you have to kill some red targets in order to make appear the real target then shoot it and hope that you make some damage before randomly shields itself again, sometimes you can hit it like 1/4 of its HP and other times like 1/10 no kidding, its hard because is not challenging but because is so annoying), I really love Metroid but this game is not worth it, it's annoying, boring, unpolished and almost unfinished, I won't recommend it even to Metroid fans because it's just a Troy horse seriously, hopefully, a good developer takes some of the ideas used in this game and apply them to a better product.
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