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Homo Machina review
by Arturas

A truly recommended game, but with a pinch of a doubt as to it's pricing. It looks like its cheaper in states, for example, but its price tag of 3+ Euros is a bit too much if the game is being bought for personal experience. It's roughly two hours of gameplay, with no replay value as such. It works just fine for me, cause I can replay it with my kids and narrated education was the primary reason for a purchase. 

Other than that, the game is just what's being advertised. An amazing artistic approach to the human body through a perspective of industrial era factory. Beautiful art, somewhat silly, but funny puzzles, light-hearted narrative. Perfect experience for families and pre-school classes.  
«Sit back and relax»
«Beaten more than once»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
A bit like The Room in playing style, but way, way to short. If it was a lot cheaper or at lest 3 times as long, it could be a 5 star review. *I do appreciate the hard work put into making the game - and actually waited to review until I finished (though I must give you extra credit for moving the review pop up to a later point; it always annoy me, when asked before I hardly get a chance to play , it’s like being asked an opinion of a product, before unboxing it - how would I know or even give a somewhat positive review at that point? ;) Nice packaging? ). My surprise over the shortness of the game is more due to the fact that it took me 15-20 minutes to play through, even taking time to enjoy the lovely artwork and mechanics. .. and compared to the length of similarly priced games. So my disappointment at seeing end credits, when ‘we’re just getting warmed up’, was very much present. Still, a very nice and well thought out game - so let me adjust a bit and give more credit, where credit is due. And still looking forward to your next game - though I’m hoping for a longer one. Me being the type of person who’ll actually rather gladly pay double, as long as the game was looonger. Hello Shewollf, The game's scoring screen comes very early in the game, it seems to be confusing about the duration. We will move it to the end of the game in our next update. We hope that we have answered positively to your remark. Have a good day.