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Kerbal Space Program review
by Drakensson

The rich building system and fun but challenging flight system can't save this game from being a
monotone experience set in a lonely world despite its size

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One of a kind game, no other game has orbital mechanics like this and offers so many possibilities. There is something for everyone, I for one love building missiles. One thing to note though, there is a learning curve. It might be frustrating if you come in expecting tons of action right away. 
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Hello first. I've been thinking for a long time about writing a Review that Lives up to what Kerbal Space Program actually is. What's in the Game, and what it did to me. Everything is a long Story, let's start at the Beginning ... It was at a LAN Party, which like every Lan Was slowly collapsing after many Hours without Sleep, PC failures and different Windows Versions. So I and a Friend stood in front of the Steam Shop to grant the acute wave of Logs through a new Game. That's when the new Kerbal Space Program, just in its infancy of the Early Acces Phase, seemed like a bright Streif on the Horizon. You can say that with me and KSP was not Love at first sight. Instaliliert and already one was on a Space Port. No Tutorial That was available to me in the old Versions helped me find the Start and graphically I was more than Anti-enthusiastic. After I managed to clap the first Rocket together in the Hangar without any Idea what I'm actually doing, the Event followed by WHAT the Main Element of KSP describes: After finding the starting Button, I'm singing and playing Soundless smeoned. With a questioning Look, I and my Friend looked at us and tried it again. Having no Ancestral of Orbital Physics, I have only ever flown upwards vertically and wondered how huge the Rocket still had to become that I finally get into Orbit. I was badly disappointed and left the Game after some try And had it Gargle lovel't in my Steam Library until my Friend visited me again a few Months later and said: Hey do you still know the funny Game where we bought? Let Me try again! From here my Love for KSP Began After the first failed start I got into a slight sliding position after the second. When I looked at my new Course like this, I thought to myself, "I like where this is going" and kept working on it. More and more I understood how the Game works and kept coming, the first space station, the first Moon landing. I was just thrilled. During my Hourly weeks offline Playing time, almost 9500 Screenshots added up on my Hard Drive with which I captured my Space program step by Step. Then came sometime the Physics Patch ... Dreams and Hopes were destroyed, I could suddenly not start very well, only my hikest Planes suddenly flew like a 1! A long KSP pause was the Result. A Few Months later, however, the Addiction grabbed me and I felt about the new Physics again. The great Modsuport and the new Story Mode have done it Completely for me. Since then, I have not been able to bring a Week around in my Life without at LEAST pressing the Start button in KSP. My rest of my free Time also suited me: I got the first Docs about Space travel on DVD, bought Books about Astronomy and finally I have been an avid amateur Astronomer for almost 2 Years now. No other Game has ever done so much, or even turn it Upside down. What I want TO say: KSP is simply Class, you can learn more than in Physics lessons and it's incredibly Fun! The Community is Also class, on Facebook Groups you eagerly discuss and you Say your Prayer to Scott Manley every day and pay homage to the Kraken. KSP is not a Game-KSP is a White Food;) Did I mention that the Facebook Community is just Insanely cool?