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Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People review
by ava

This review goes for all in this series.

The games feel like basic point and click adventure games. Not chock full of substance but enjoyable if you already like the cartoons and The Brothers Chaps' sense of humor. Not too much replay value once you've seen all the jokes and gags. If you remember Homestar, have some extra cash, and have a free afternoon I'd say check these games out. If you don't care about/ have never seen the cartoons then you won't get much out of it.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
I Confess, with the original source of this game, Flash-series Homestar Runner (free available for viewing on, I was familiar very superficially. But even so, in the first episode of Strong Ada'S loved instantly-colorful characters, stylized graphics and cynical humor is felt surprisingly fresh and cheerful even by modern standards. The Main character-is Strong Bad or in the translation of Evil Silach, who always goes in the red mask wrestler and boxing gloves, does not miss the opportunity to attack and loves to answer the letters of his fans. On everything that happens on the screen at the Evil Silach there is always a bit of a twit or a sweeping remark, so most of the locations are obsharišat just to hear all his comments. The First episode of Cool Game for Attractive People introduces the main characters and shows the contradictory nature of the protagonist, who first spoils the life of his best friend Homestar Runner, and then with the same zeal trying to fix everything. The Plot is uncomplicated, but the style and submission of all decide, and after the passage of the episode just can not be imbued with sympathy for this original universe. Played all this as a typical game from Telltale before they opened a gold mine with The Walking Dead-Classic Pointt'n'click quest where you need to go around the locations, collect lying around the trash and look for adventures on his ass by interacting with and socializing with other characters. What's amazing, to do in Cool Game for Attractive People is more than I have seen in all other games Telltale, there are two optional mini-games and a bunch of special trophies, because of what instead of the usual 1-2 hours for the passage of the first episode can with Easy to get away 3-4 hours if you aim to pass it by 100%. However, there is one very important BUT. As Far as I know, the rusifier for all this splendor is not in nature, so the only option will be to play in the original language. For me, this is not a problem, but without a good knowledge of English here, alas, there is nothing to catch. On the technical side, no problem, the game has no problems running on modern systems and allows you to put the resolution of the screen up to 4K. This is a great humorous quest that is ideal as a starting point of acquaintance with the Universe Homestar Runner, but because of its specificity and language barrier in our region, it is almost unknown, and sorry. If you liked this review, more of my recommendations can be found on the page of the curator-