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Wolfenstein: The New Order review
by bgsmith3

I will maintain that the Wolfenstein series by Machine Games are the best shooters out there. They are certainly my favorite shooters. Though chronologically proceeded by Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, in terms of the order of the franchise, this game technically came out first with The Old Blood being a standalone prequel game. So obviously this game put forth the groundwork that The Old Blood and future installments of this franchise will and have built upon. The game picks up after the events of The Old Blood, with BJ and the struggling Allies attempting a last ditch effort to stop the Nazi war machine. However things don’t go the way they were intended and ultimately the Allies lose the war. BJ wakes up in 1960 to a world controlled by the Nazis. BJ must find the resistance and fight to take back the world from the Nazis. The game embraces the absurd both in story and in gameplay and mechanics. It takes so many points from Quentin Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds) but it also feels organic from this team. I am a sucker for alternate history to seeing the Nazis rule the world (as disturbing as it is) is a cool setting to place a narrative let alone a video game in. The characters in the game are fantastic and each have their own unique personality and quirks that you can pick up on. There are a few historical allusions and historical figures in the game. The game is an exaggeration based largely upon the very concepts and reality of the Nazi party. So in extension, the gameplay and violence is also exaggerated. The game stresses your weakness and the overwhelming nature of the enemies before you. But at the same time, the game is a “heavy game” in as far as gunplay and weapons are concerned. It’s all about obliterating and destroying your enemy using their own awesome and destructive firepower. The lack of a multiplayer element to this game is so enjoyable. The aesthetic and world is so surreal and effectively presented ( I don’t want to say beautiful as we are dealing with a world ruled by a totalitarian murderous regime, but the game presents things in a way that draws you in to it all.). There is a lot of world building and references to events that really help establish this bizarre world through readable items throughout the game.The music is very bombastic and sounds more modern than period appropriate, but you’re butchering, maiming and killing Nazis…..the heavy metal score is right at home in that environment. One of my favorite games and one of my favorite series to play.

Rating 4.5/5
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»

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This game plays incredibly well even on console. The story is good, nothing crazy but is enjoyable and has some really cool moments. It's just a really solid reboot of a classic shooter. Also really love the old school levels being added, it's a nice nostalgic touch.
I liked it okay. the gameplay was pretty fun as far as an FPS goes, didn't care much for the story/characters. I just never felt emotionally invested in them. IMO they should have left the emotional impact behind and focused on the fun goofy aspect of it. My favorite thing by far was vaporizing nazis with the laser gun. Comparing to another story like TLOU this doesn't hold a candle, but in gameplay it could at least match it.
3rd best way to kill nazis.  New Colossus is the second best.  IRL is the best.
first the engine of this game suck hard. On ps 60 fps limit and even with 56tb of ram u will have bad texture. Except that the game is competent enough for u to keep playing. The story is quite good except predicting, and the why technology seem stupid to me. I would have prefer the mistyc or religious aproch to unamigined power and tehnology. IT would have been so much better to vilify the enemy or could have been a good critic of what technology is and could be if before we would have seen some of this technoly help ppl and after turn dog in robot dog. Other than that i find the story and presentation really competent. When u touch a subject as nazy bad it ask some talent to not trew shity take everybody had at least one on it. It s not groundbreaking but it s good enough and seem to known what they talk about. And they are competent during all the game. The change of pacing to explore more of the world building is welcome and make the firt play a good run. The gameplay 10/10. u run fast u shoot fast and if u dont shoot enough use twice the gun. I dont know any meaningfull way to enhance the game other than change the engine and that s a good sign. Art is amzing i lova the false nazy advertise it's so good world building. The ost mick at the guitar, iT s fucking good.
«Can’t stop playing»
Good in every way I can think of. Everyone should play this and kill them some Nazis.
It’s alright but a low third tier. The gameplay to this series always feels weird to me and in this one the graphics and story are also average. When specifically in the mood for a FPS campaign this is an alright play but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Final Score: B+
Entertaining game. Great visuals. Interesting arsenal of weapons.

Lenghty enough not to feel cheap or too long to get repetitive and boring.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Great Atmosphere, cool and varied Gameplay and inovative Setting, the only Weak point is the mediocre story and an unnecessary Skillsystem conclusion: Try Yourself in any case!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
If you have to play as a German With VPN, however, you are worth completely Pros + Good Graphics + Great Story + Varied Weapons + Violent Kontras-too short Story, After 10h already through-RoW Version has region lock in Germany GTX 555 1024Mb I5 2320 2.9 Ghz 8GB RAM 1TB HDD
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To Lose a True Friend Scot (Reached) See brutal Grandmother Ani Shotgun (Reached) Remember the old Songs of the 90s (Reached) Hurt Ms. Engel (Reached) Kill all the Nazis (Reached) Destroy the German Robots ( Achieved) Destroy London Monitor (Reached) Kill the ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ German Bubi (Reached) Destroy the Prototype driven in Scottish one (Reaches) Kill the German Commonly called skull (Reached) The beautiful Game
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Pro Grafik Story NO Bugs Contra NO Multiplayer 7/10 Tipp: Buy the Game only when is Sale!!!!! How I wish this game didn't end in 21 hours of game-time, not that I'm complaining. Wolfenstein: The New Order is like any other first person shooter, except it was never this fun killing Nazis. Before starting the game, I hoped to see some incredible weapons, with a decent storyline and I got more than what I expected. The graphics are nice and I loved the background music as it added up to high intense gun battles. Wolfenstein: The New Order has almost all attributes that an ideal first person shooter aspires to have. The game is worthy of being in your library if you're a fan of first person shooter games. Do you miss old school gameplay? Well here ya go a game jampacked with old school level design, tight guns and a LOT of naziblood! 8/10