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Battlefield V review
by Hezzi

Not as well balanced as BF1 when it comes to multiplayer combat (respawn points, class build, flow of battle).
Still an decent game though. 

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An amazing digital realization of the WWII battlefield. Even in multiplayer, things feel anxiety-inducingly intense, with artillery shells splintering wood beams right next to you, while bullets whizz by. The community has some problems with it, but it really seems to be that games like this just aren't at the forefront of multiplayer anymore.
Battlefield V is missing something. It doesn’t have the same feel as 1 and I don’t really know why. It’s still a solid multiplayer experience, it’s fun, but it’s not the same. The BR mode was an enjoyable bonus. I think I actually had my favourite moments during the BR mode. I was ridiculously good at it because I’ve always been good at battlefield and this one just clicked. I played a bit of the campaign but it didn’t interest me and I didn’t finish it. Overall this was still fun but it did not have the same soul or character or atmosphere or whatever word best describes what this was missing. 

Final Score: A-
new game mechanics and old annoying bugs