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SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption review
by pokka

Such low completion and sucked operating experience, its worth is far below from its price

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Microsoft from Deutsch
First Up: SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption does a Lot right. If you are Fans of the Souls and Bloodborne Games, then you can treat yourself to the Game without having to read the Rest of my novel xD For the curious among you, follow now my Review (starting with the Pros and Cons, then described in MORE detail in FAZIT): PRO Smooth Gameplay Visually atmospheric Interesting and varied boss mechanics Innovative victim system Supplemental modes with Replay Value Good and fair Balancing Good Performance vocal Soundtrack CONS The camera distance Is in some Boss fights unfavorable (too close & unfavorable angles) In places too simple (Keywords: Parry, Invincibility Frame)-Exception is the "nightmare mode" Kaum Waffen FAZIT As an old Soul-fan, The Title came just right for me. SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption obviously makes use of the core elements of the genre place deer, but does this very well and shines with an innovative Component "of Sacrifice." Gameplay technically plays Sinner fluid and catchy, soul veterans will have no Difficulty coming clean, but even less experienced Players should be trusted with the Controls relatively quickly. The boss fights are varied and fair and do not have to be played in any particular Order. Some boss fights I initially found very difficult (E.g. the Sisters), while others were amazingly easy at the Beginning. Regardless, however, all boss fights (the Two "secret" except) were very simple once you had captured the respective Mechanics. Here, Sinner is also very different from the Souls franchise for me. There, too, the Fights are easier once you know the Mechanics, but these are nevertheless far more merciless. Therefore, I can also recommend Sinner for Players who were too heavy for the souls titles. Sinner is far more gracious here, not least as they are pure boss runs. A Recommendation from me: Practice paring from the Beginning (Press L1 or LB at the right Moment of the enemy Attack). Parking Is very powerful and simplifies most boss fights. Parking is also very generously designed and you don't have to parry exactly on the Thousand-hour frame. I would like to see the camera distance and angle manually adjusted. In some boss battles, the Standard, whether Fixed Camera or Free Camera, is unfavorable. Once you've played through the Story, more Modes will be unlocked, in which you can also invest time again. Both have succeeded well and motivate them to keep playing. Here and there I had smaller Bugs, none of which are worth noting as they didn't tarnish the fun of The Game. For me, Sinner is worth his Money, Souls fans can access directly, all Others should possibly. Wait until it's in the Sale. P.S.: Gameplay material from me can be found in my Playlist: Take a look at the Live Stream with my first Steps in the Game and then compare the Whole thing with my Speedruns The Bosses. Here you can see very well that Sinner is flawlessly gebalanced:)