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ICEY review
by pokka

Just a mediocre game which play little tricks;
Poor blow feedback etc.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Stanley Parable meets Metroidvania-so the Review could end almost straight here. But better not, because: There are still some important Words to lose in my Eyes. Because where Stanley Parable is really good and has all sorts of very funny crazy ideas to accompany and entertain the player wherever, as soon as he leaves the "red Thread" and does JUST what the Narrator wants, Icey sets us a annoyed and always Shiching Narrator before, who personally walked me on the Pointer pretty quickly. I was neither amused nor well entertained by his Stories and thought to myself that his Mother would come through the Door and first skin him Dizzdly soft, due to the exaggerated volume and the many Sweating:D In Terms of content, the Game Is a unfortunately very straightforward sidescroller, which presents one or the other nice (or mostly annoying) Anecdote on the unforeseen paths and otherwise serves you arena-like opponents for Clumping-and despite the extremely Smal Playing Time of about 3 Hours is also tried with a skill upgrade system. In addition, the Graphics are more "lala" and might as well have been a Browser Game. I saw more detailed Sprites in the 90s ... All in all, the Attempt is quite useful and has earned a "Thumbs to The side," But Permissible VS Price, straightforwardness, annoying Narrator, too much foreign Ideas and an inconsequential story or inconsequential Level design speak against the Game rather than for. Still, I didn't make it out until I was through. Check out an LP at YT and then decide. Very difficult to say ...
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
This game has the most important feature of a game it is really fun or the most important thing in a game is really challenge but it has the second most important element. Also there are little secrets to find here and there witch makes the game more fun and enjoyable. It is not perfect it could have bin longer and some things could have bin worked on but there is creativity put in and the game still have lots of things to enjoy so it is ok it is good for what it is.
Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
This game is just incredible. From the combat to visuals and the narrator. I am a lazy person So i don't really wanna write a long indepth reveiw so I'm just gonna say that if you like games with a good combat system and you want game with a story where you can troll the narrator + always having fun when hunting acheivements. This game is defintly for you. Even if you don't like stuff like that fukkit. You can try something new. It's 100% worth the price Lastly I wanna thank the developers for making this awesome game