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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward review
by Uneducated_Reviews

As far as expansions go, Heavensward easily stands as one of the best out there and I don't know but this doesn't feel like an expansion at all but more like a full sequel or something like that. Everything that ARR did good, Heavensward does it better even greater, so long is the sloppy story with a lot of boring diversions and subplots, here you feel like the story and every character are getting somewhere, sure you have to be introduced in certain scenarios and plots that aren't that great, but they never get that long or boring.

The gameplay maintains, with a few tweaks and upgrades but the challenge was really good this time, the dungeons also didn't feel boring and the new skills were also good, there is everything for everyone. As for the real challenge that comes with the endgame, here's where things get double great, the extreme battles are so intense that you'll need a lot of skill and maybe luck (because other players) to conquer them, but they are some of the finest that I have ever played on a videogame. Going back to the story, I really liked that the story is simpler and focuses on way fewer characters, something that works for the best because in ARR sometimes it got really convoluted, here you will find an amazing story of journey, love, despair, and hope, themes that I really like, and speaking of characters, the main cast is just fantastic, my favorite above all is Alphinaud, I don't remember the last time I was so invested in a FF character like him, is that good.

The music still is very good, and it has a lot of diversity as before so I don't have an issue with it, the graphics are also good for an MMO standard.

I have some issues but there are so minor, like in order to use the new fly ability to soar the sky through the maps, you need to find certain "thing" in different parts of the map, and also do some sidequests that for the most part are OK but not that fun, I get that it's to slow you down but it can be really boring and bothersome, so I hope that this can disappear in future updates. Heavensward is a magnificent story, filled with amazing characters, plot twists, and challenges that every FF fan should have.
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