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Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition review
by RamiMohsin

This is a good game
«Better with friends»
This is a really good one.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I have loved the "old" Ace Combat Games searched u (on the good old PS2) There you had good Missions, Synchro and Feeling. But the Part here is a GRIFF INS KLO! First it "jerks" in the middle of the Game (such a short 3-4 sec ruckler) And 2: The Game itself feels like Call of Duty in the Air .. -,-There's nothing left of the old Ace Combat Games ... But if you love Call of Duty. Then buy the Game here. (Like CoD, just that you fly)-1 Pilot aka "Superhero"-everything explodes or flies into the Air
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I have to break ne Lance For the game here. Got through the first 4 Missions and it pleases after adjusting the Controls. O.K. the Dogfights are a Matter Of Taste, but ne Simulation has never been ACE COMBAT. I enjoy It and it works without any hassles with Triple @ 5760x1080, even looks great! For 5 Euros in the Sale a SUPER SCHNÄPPCHEN, I would have paid a lot more for it after the most test. I think the game is unfairly rated so poorly here and elsewhere. The only thing that I noticed a little so far is that the Comrades-in-arms are only visually and acoustically relevant, you actually get support in the Form of Opponent reduction as good as not. But what is to see, one has a little more Work, because it is not so that hunting in the Air does not make a Spas.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
May I introduce Ace Combat Nato Propaganda 2.0! Oh Ace Combat what happened to you? All The parts here before were never propaganda, but here is simply made away, especially since the Opponents only have Russian Machines. In the Beginning, the Opponents are only Rebels who, of course, have their own Air force with Russian Aircraft. After the first two Missions, the Russian Allies overflow to the Coup Plotters in Moscow and are, of course, portrayed as corrupt Officers and, of course, only a capitalized Russia is a good Russia. If you then get with that you fly for NATO yourself? Let's come to The real. The Planes look good and are very detailed. Unfortunately, the Graphics for this Kind of Game are not really the Hit because grade in Videos and on Helicopter missions you can see a lot of mushy Details. I tried to remove them in the Graphics Options, but there are only 4 Settings and that's it. For Playing I used an xbox360 Controller this one is immediately attached without any Problems. What I find a pity about the Game is that you can no longer choose a Plane of any Choice like in every Part. I was used to this with every Part. Now Let's get to the really good Part of the Game. With Points, you can hone his and the Skills of the Relay. The Action in the Missions is a lot of Fun with the new Features that can be used to combat any Kind of Goals. Here, this Part is best and shows its Strength. I enjoyed Playing through that, even if the Graphics and the Story isn't the best thing about the Game.