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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes review
by SkyFlyStaR

A common average MMORPG on mobile, one of the first in own genre.

+ Tolerant real money balance

- No interest process of gaming
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
You can play very well for a While, but now after about 5-6 Weeks I am at a Point where the Game is extremely jerking and hooking. When Fighting other Players to move up the Leaderboard, you only have 5 Minutes per Fight to win it-initially it went very well, now it's like about 30 Seconds before I can even start fighting-which then of course with strong Opponents lack Time. Also packages are offered for "Purchase," which can be bought with painstakingly crafted ingame currency, which I see in principle as a Fair alternative to The real Money variant, but there is now advertising with, for example, a Card set for a Figure between 5 and 330 Cards. After several Days I had the required amount together and got only 7 Cards for it-that was an extremely disappointing Result, after all the Effort-even so disappointing that I am about to uninstall the Game again. But the bottom Line is I have to say that it is a well thought-out and mostly well-implemented game, which can bring Fun for at least a few Weeks.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It's Not just diehard Star Wars Fans who will love this Game. A key Plus, however, is clearly the original Star Wars Setting. Apart from the great Soundtrack, you can also find (almost) every beloved Character in the Game. At the Beginning one is very well taken at the Hand and the essential Content is presented vividly and conveyed in a playful way. Also, you won't get bounded by the Complexity of the Game at higher Levels of play at the beginning, and you'll tap into individual Content step by Step. You get a few Starting characters in the lower Levels of The Level, so you can get started right away. Over Time, it becomes increasingly difficult to pass the Levels, so you spend a lot of Time improving your Characters with dimmed Equipment and Training Droids. In addition to Collecting the individual Characters, however, this is precisely because of the appeal of the Game. For in between-for example, for longer train Journeys-I can highly recommend the Game. In the Long run, the Fights become a bit monotonous, so after some Time you want a bit of Variety. In Principle, you don't have to invest Real Money for the Progress of the game, whereby the Crystals purchased can already offer a Lot of Advantages. So, for Example, if you want certain Characters for your Collection.