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The Walking Dead: Season 2 review
by lore

Seriously impressed with this season like it started a bit slow + definitely less life or death in the first half (which is more character driven) but then it just Picks Up and goes for it. Telltale's done it again take me to season three pls

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Eat or be eaten-The apocalyptic Horror from a little Girl's Point of view. The Story: This Part of the Series is a Sequel to the first Part, but does not immediately connect to it, but to the DLC "The Walking Dead: 400 Days! In the second Part We play Clementine, our Protégé from Part 1. In the Beginning we err with those who are left Aiming and Splashing through the Woods. We are gradually meeting more and more people, including from the Past, who seemed lost. At some Point we manage to form a Group, but after some Time we are shown that the real Monsters in this Apocalypse are not the Zombies, but the People. We are being betrayed, abandoned, forced into Things and gradually giving up more and more of our Humanity. After we have looked into the true Face of Humanity and no longer see it through the Eyes of a Child, old Events are reconsidered, said correctly, And emotions brought To light that have remained closed for a long Time. Overall, a genius Conclusion to one of the most emotional Games I've ever played. 10/10 Points without big Words. The Graphic: The Graphics were again held very comic Artig, which is not a Deficit because it is the Digitization of a Comic. Despite a mixed Appearance, the Emotions were magnificently realized by Mimink, Gestures and finer details such as Tears in this Part. The rest Of the environment has been refined a bit. The Bigger Picture, in my Opinion, earned a whopping 9/10 Points. The Gameplay: The Gameplay has been Upgraded in the second Part. The Real-Time Dialogues Are now much clearer than in the first Part, Interactions with Objects are more clearly delineated and the Camera guidance has been improved. The Cursor still moves quite spongily. Taken Together, I'm on 7/10 Points. My Rating: Pro: Many Improvements to the first Part "OH my God" moments by Part 1 Contra: Unconnected Story Without Part 1 Cliff-Hanger at the End Additional info: Game-related: Game Time 8 Studnen Achievements 40 Collective Cards None Controller support * Bugs: No Noticed System-related: Mainboard Gigabyte GA-H170-HD3 CPU Intel Core i5-6500 (Skylake) @ 3.2GHZ GPU PNY NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX760 Random Access Memory 8GB @ 1333MHz Drug-average frame rate 60 Frames per Second operating System m Windows 10 My Conclusion: This Game is a more than just successful Sequel to the part. However, without the first Part, this one could be extremely confusing. Hence my Recommendation: First play the first Part and then this! Either way, it's worth playing both Parts, whether individually or contiguously. Long talk short sense: All in all, I give the Game 8/10 Points. This Review was written as a Standings within one's own Genre. If you liked this Review, follow our Review Program on German _ Gamer _ Community. You Can also check out my other Reviews. Click here for my Reviews and For Interested Parties, here's my Review of the first Part.