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Super Mario Sunshine review
by BuskingforBlem

Super Mario Sunshine is a black sheep in the Mario series, and with good reasons. Despite being a well controlling and functioning game it falls short in a lot of areas. After laughing at the awful voice acting you'll find that the game's music isn't up to snuff with the rest of the series, despite being memorable. While being a huge step up from 64's monotony it still has a lot of structural issues as it removes the freedom of getting any star you want from the last game into a mission based structure that forces you to complete the first 7 missions in a world. The game can also feel unpolished at times as you realise how few worlds there are to explore, despite them being the same size, if not smaller than the worlds from 64. And don't even bother completing this game to 100%. Overall it has flaws but it functions and you can't go wrong with a mario game. Not the best 3D Mario by a long shot but still an experience worth your time.
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