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Type: Rider review
by Arturas

Absolutely exceptional and truly inspiring game.
Exceptional in terms of visual design by creating an entire game world out of various fonts that also manages to encapsulate historic, cultural and audiovisual context/mood of various stages of the evolution of humanity and written word.
Inspiring in terms of technical simplicity. It's a game that proves a simple truth that these days anyone passionate enough can praise his object of passion via a video game. I'm jumping to conclusions there, but really, technically anyone could make such a game after spending some quality time with Unity video tutorials while placing all the bets on audiovisual/narrative side of things. And it works. I know I encountered numerous bugs during my playthrough, but it simply didn't matter then and now I can't even remember them :D.

Highly recommended to anyone with interests in human history, typography or visual design, as well as to those with a dream to create their own game sometime.
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»