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Touhou Project 東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons. review
by Palas

Hidden Star in Four Seasons is the 16th main Touhou game and the 11th Windows installment. As such, everything that makes Touhou enjoyable - challenging patterns, breathtaking music and endearing characters - is present and refined in this game. In addition, the novelty features (namely the release on the tertiary button) makes every combination of charater and secondary power unique and ultimately fresh.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
One important Thing in advance: Touhou is NOT Dark Souls. Yes, that Game is quite demanding, even in Easy Mode (although HSiFS is still quite simple compared to its Predecessors). But it doesn't want to torture you or laugh at you when you do something wrong. First of all, What is Touhou? Touhou is a Top-down shoot ' em up in arcade style. You shoot down Opponents and dodges Bullets. Quite simplistic, then. Plot: The Seasons play completely crazy. That's why Reimu, Cirno, Aya and Marisa set out to investigate the incident (Cirno rather less, which is just (9)). Gameplay: As mentioned above, Touhou 16 is a classic Shoot ' em up. You shoot down Opponents and dodges shots. A special Game Mechanics are the so-called "Season Releases." Before The Game starts, you choose one of 4 Seasons (Spring, Summer, autumn, Winter) and get a Kind of Secondary bomb that wits Out balls in your Environment and, if necessary, adds an additional Effect (depending On the season you choose). By Shooting down Enemies or grazes (flying very close to enemy Projectiles), flowers appear That you can collect and charge your Season bar. Once the at least one Stafe is charged, you could use it with the X Button. Scope: There are 4 playable Characters and 6 Stages. You can't store in between, which is why you have to go through each Pass to a Piece. A Run Lasts on average ~ 40-45 Minutes. If you manage to play the Game through To any Level of Difficulty without Continue, you can unlock the Extra Stage, which continues the Action and gameplay technically has an extra Trick (I won't reveal more about that). There is also a Practice Mode. Optics: The Look is kept quite simple, which is normal for this Type of Play. Whether one of the drawing Styles pleases is up to everyone. Music: Probably the greatest Strength of the Game or the entire Series. With a few Exceptions, almost all Pieces are good to outstanding. Negative Points: Not every Game is perfect and this also applies to this Game. There are some Bugs in Practice Mode from the retail version That still aren't fixed. In addition, there is no Use of Steam Features such as Achievements or Collectible cards (Except for Steam Cloud Service). In addition, it can only be played in Japanese (but was seen before, as ZUN, the Developer of Touhou, cannot speak English and the Translations prefer to let the Fans regulate). As a result, the Price of 15 Euros is already quite happy. Summary: If you like Shoot 'em Ups with wonderful Music, you will get your Money's worth here. If you are still unsure, it is Best to play the Demo first. If you can't do anything with this Genre beforehand, you won't be able to do it here either.