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X-COM: UFO Defense review
by luckystar1991

Best game for whole family.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Review is in German. -Description-The Earth is attacked by unknown enemies. The States of the World are meeting and founding the X-Com Project. As the Leader of this X-Com Project, your Job Is to Set up Bases, hire Staff, Initiate research, And keep the Bases up to date. At the Start of the Game you can choose the point of view of the first base, but this Base has a fixed Structure (Later Layout called), it initially has about 2 Interceptors, 1 Tanker, 1 quarter, 1 research laboratory, 1 workshop as well as some Staff. Once the first Base is set, you can start. On the Geoscape (Worldview), the Time that can Be accelerated via buttons, once a UFO is in Radar range, Plopt a Window with this Information runs up. You now have the Option to Intercept it or Ignore it. To start a Mission, the Crash Site must be clicked again and served with the "Skyranger" available at the beginning. Missions are turn-based and each Soldier has their Strengths and Weaknesses. But I don't do More here:) There Are different Types of Mission: Major Cities are met in Terrorist Missions. Then there are the UFO Missions, which have two types themselves. 1. The Downed: These are the Missions you get when you intercept UFOS, UFO's and their Crew are damaged and/or Injunt/Tot. 2. The Countries: These Missions are heavier, since all The Aliens have survived, but the Yield for a won Mission is higher, since nothing has been Damaged And last but not least the Base Missions, Also here there are two types: The Base Thwarting: Aliens have your Base Found and attack them. Aliens come through the Hangar and Elevators. That's Why it's relatively important to build your Base Optimized. The Base Attack: Aliens have Built a Base on Earth. These Bases tend to be a High Priority. Base attacks run just like Defense, only that you start at the Hangar. I think that was enough to Describe. -Pro/Conra--Pro-To his Time good graphic and still visible today. -Relatively complex, you have to be thankful for what you do. Cards are "Reassigned," and for normal Seasons cards are always different. -Own Soldiers are Individual, they have strengthened and weakened and you can rename them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contra--It's old. -There is a Bug that resets the Difficulty. -Aliens usually see more than Soldiers. -Allegedly, in the Case of language "German" there is a Bug that Dares that you can Tranferment Things. -Fazit-X-Com: UFO Defence (IUsual X-COM; Enemy Unkown) is a very good Game. Even got a Remake (X-COM Enemy Unkown with Enemy Within). But This does not necessarily have the Complexity like X-COM: UFO Defence. There are a few Bugs, but they are thwarted by "Community Mods" (Open-Xcom as an example, even Android port has). XCOM is more meant for People who think. But at €5 you can also say Say nail in the Shopping Cart,
The original. A bit dated now, but if you're willing to deal with the UI and graphics then the experience is still as great as it ever was.
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»