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Cool Cool Toon review
by Macky

Cool Cool Toon is a fun, music, rhythm game by SNK.  Cool Cool Toon has you positioning the analog stick and pressing buttons according to the tune and prompts on screen. Gameplay is simple, and sometimes forgiving when it comes to failing a "Flitz" (i'll get Flitzing later). A lot of the time, it felt like it seemed a little too forgiving on recovering from missing some of the Flitz on screen, however Cool Cool Toon can be unforgiving with some songs being extremely difficult to perfect.  A "Flitz" is, according to a walkthrough (will post link to the walkthrough): "Flitzing" is accomplished by moving the analog stick and pressing one of the four action buttons in time with the music. Doing this with skill produces on screen pyrotechnics; failing to hit your cues causes the on-screen characters to stumble and the music to warble, with the ultimate result being the dreaded "GAME OVER". Flitzing is the main gameplay mechanic that you will be using in Cool Cool Toon as you flitz along to the beat.

Cool Cool Toon dialog is mostly in text, as this game was only released in Japan, majority of the story is in Japanese. Due to a language barrier it is difficult to get a sense of story, but I will try my best to explain. You play as either Amp (the boy) or Spica (the girl). As you were watching TV, you get dragged into the TV by Yussa, a pink rabbit like creature. You are welcomed to Cool Cool Toon involuntarily, and have to become the Flitz champion while cleaning up the streets with your funky dance moves. The story is child-like and simple, but the presentation with its art style and character design is unique and imaginative. While your flitzing in Cool Cool Toon, objects and shapes bop up and down, and every is pastel colored in an acid trip like state . In between, sections of a song you get to look at the world and get blasted by its colors and design.

If you like music and rhythm games, give this one a shot. It's definitely worth it.

(will revise and update this review more)

You will definitely need this in Episode 4 due to lack of localization:
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