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Space Channel 5: Part 2 review
by Todd City

High drag as a rhythm game. Infectious and incredible, all at once. Should be noted that it's very weird seeing the Michael Jackson character in this day and age, but the sins of one idiot shouldn't detract from the (best? Most interesting, at the least) rhythm game ever created.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I try my hand (after OSU) with my 2nd rhythm game. Randomly get through the Dreamcast Collection and get started with the Thought, I invest a few Hours and collect all The Archievments-misconceived! The Game is bock-heavy, before I go into more detail about the Game, I just want to mention briefly that this is probably one of the most difficult Games I've ever been allowed to play. But now to the actual Game, as I mentioned earlier, it's a rhythm game. However, it has a few subtle Differences, to the common Build-up of such Games. On the One hand, Combinations are never required of you, an average of 5 Buttons per Second And 3 Minutes long. However, this is compensated by the Fact that there is no Bar here at the bottom of The screen that shows you exactly when I would have to press which button and give you feedback on that hand the next Attempt. Here it takes place in such a way that you are given a short Rhythm by the Game, which you then have to reproduce exactly like this at best. Just Sounds like it-there's no Way it is! The Difficulty, on the one Hand, is that you have to remember the right Shortcut Logically, but at the same time (this is the Main Reason for the inhuman Difficulty) these Commands also have to be perfectly timed and here it really seems to me that, As if tolerance were extremely low. Idr. Tenths, if not less, decide whether the Action is considered correct or incorrect. This results in a pure Trial-and-Error Game, with a high Learning Curve, but also with a deadly Frustration rate. If you are a Boss, for example, a Save is usually set right in front of it and depending on how good you were in the previous Stage, the more Life is available to you-sounds fair. This is where you notice the Trial-and-Error System the most. Grade with longer bosses you will get further and further, the Moves can always be better memorized and learn how to timed them properly. However, it becomes Frustrating when you need a number of attempts at a previous Point in the Boss fight, so you can start again and again from the Beginning and are always forced to watch the same In-game sequence. Besides, it has happened to me a Few times that my Keyboard had almost no cable left, after a Special Combination was required at the End of a boss fight, in which you only Have one (!) Try, otherwise there's the Game Over. Generally, as a Player of this Game you can forget everything else, calling Mario Party or Titanic emotion-free is just ridiculous. The Range, Quantity and Intensity of emotions released here surpasses everything-honestly. Even though it may not have come across so far, I love and hate this Game at the same time. I sat 3-4 Hours at Level 4 today and a Game rarely strained as in those Hours, which really made me age at 50 Years. For rhythm fans who can gain something from Japanese Style, definitely worth a Look. Also highly recommended For pro players looking for a proper Challenge. For worse Players who just want to have some Fun-let your Fingers go, it drives you into Suicide!