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Code of Princess EX review
by Uneducated_Reviews

The thing that made me buy this game was the original cover of Bengus (from Capcom fame) and Solange's design which I really liked it, the next thing that I noticed was that this game was pretty bland in almost everything. I didn't have a bad time playing this game but it wasn't great either, the game feels so rudimentary in a lot of aspects, like the "3D" models, for instance, I think that they're sprites similar to DK on SNES the problem is that maybe that worked in 3DS but in a big HD screen that doesn't translate well, also the gameplay has some issues, my biggest one is that you advance through "rails" or something like that, and the way you change from the three of them is kind of annoying and unresponsive sometimes, also, I'm not that good at action games like DMC or Bayonetta but I sure like them, but the combos in here felt very limited and simple, that, or maybe I didn't play well, the problem is that there is no combo "manuals" or something, so you have to figure it out the combinations. The story and characters are pretty generic also, it has this trope of "I know this is an RPG and you know that this story is going to some generic places but who cares?" and it's pretty forgetful, aside from a few lines and the ending that has some charm and twist but that's it. You can control the other side characters in the main quest, but the story is so short and the combat is really weak that probably you don't want to bother with the grinding. Speaking of grinding, there are like 2 bosses in this game that make me grind for like 15 minutes but that's all. When you finish the game, that's that, it has zero replayability or at least for me, the online modes were pretty dead and no one showed up so I'm not sure how good was that. I wasn't bored by this game but I didn't have a good time in its 5 hours lifespan, so if you want to have this game just for the cover and add it to your collection you maybe want to buy it like for 10 dlls or something, aside from that you can just pass it.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Ugly as my life»