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Magic Sword review
by Uneducated_Reviews

Back in the day when I was still a kid, I played this game a few times in a local arcade, the magic that was for me to play with an AI companion was mind-blowing, of course I didn't beat that thing, several years later playing it on PSN brought me some memories. Magic Sword is not a bad game, its very noticeable how they really try to make this a good game, it has equipment that extends your stats, different paths, a lot of companions (regular and secret) a really nice soundtrack which can be repetitive on the last floors and solid artwork. The problem is that this kind of games were designed to suck coins from you so there is a lot of things going to your way at random and in multiple forms to suck you up your HP. For the almost 1 hour that I play this emulation it was mindless fun, but nothing more, if only they tweak this game in order to have a nice difficulty without relying on throwing you stuff, I believe this would be a great and really fun game.
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