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Silent Hill Homecoming review
by treesniffingzombie

This was the first Silent Hill game I ever played. While I loved the soundtrack, oppressive atmosphere, and even some of the monster designs, Homecoming is a glitchy mess all in all. Despite this, Homecoming is also the first game I ever 100% completed on the Xbox 360. I managed to get so good at this game that my average run was under an hour. As much as I was indifferent towards it, there was something that compelled me to keep playing it. After a while, I think I just sort of liked the fact that I knew all the twists and turns, so I'd mindlessly rush through over and over again. 

My first playthrough wasn't a disappointment, even with all the glitches and crappy controls. I thought it was a relatively spooky experience with some deeply disturbing moments. I even think it has some of the best monster design of the series (ignoring the ripoffs and movie references, obviously). It wasn't until I played Silent Hill 4: The Room (my first Team Silent game) that I realized how mediocre Homecoming was in comparison. Silent Hill 1 thru 3 further exhibited what Homecoming got wrong, which is a pretty lengthy list of things. Mainly, it's not scary, whereas, even today, I find myself getting scared playing the original four games. 
«Buggy as hell»

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I understand why fans of the series were dissatisfied with this game. But this is a pretty good game, it is quite interesting with a not bad story.

 Gameplay is moderately exciting and intense, soundtrack as before pleases. The main drawbacks are sometimes not fair damage, especially annoying that at this moment you can't do anything, riddles, and general lack of refinement of game.

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Microsoft from French
I will join many critics: horrible Portage!!! many crashes whether in full game or during a download that make you back on the desktop; plus not a lot of backups and so you'll do it again all your progress > < when has the optimization of keys or maneuverability by resolving a riddle... my god or clicker? no help to tell us how to interact with such or such elements > < et to finish the graphics!!! New generation??? My c...!!! Even the 2nd Opus on PS2 is better done! Here is all said: to buy only in promo to 5 euro and for fans of the franchise...
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Silent Hill aka homecoming the Silent Hill that got smashed is not as bad as the people said. Indeed even if it is as well optimized as a dead cat the story remains well and the endeating characters (except El Toi will die please). The game is inspired a lot of Silent Hill 1 the film is why we find similarities like the fact that the walls flies.. Pyramid head? What about nurses? (But what?) Oops sorry it's called Boogeyman now, personally I did not understand his representation while for James Sunderland it was very clear the same for the nurses but the game starts in a hospital so good. (Excuse denied) Verdict: you must absolutely played on console on PC it will crash as soon as he can this son of sympathetic parents. And do not listen to those who type on him saying that history and boring, in any case one thing is sure I no longer trust the video game reporters. EDIT: smashed shattered memories instead they dared to make Harry Mason my victim BOI
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This game is really strange and really away from the previous. The little connection with the latter does not necessarily want to be interested but it remains nice to play. The-:-not beautiful (less than the 3 on PS2, less neat, etc.). -Dubbing and nice music without more. -History... (without spoiler) we like or do not like (I do not like). -The end UFO obtable from the first part and without bonuses. You can very well get it inadvertently by playing the game normally (this is no longer a BONUS end at this level there). -Much more nag (made a big part of the game, especially the end, with the knife, because fast, and easily usable). -The buuuuuuuuugs (some sound crashing, bug gamepad, etc.). The +:-some design of the monsters. -Some scenes a little shocking (especially at the end). -Some bonuses (costumes, etc.). So for me the game would be worth 10/20, really average, to test at low prices. I can only put a favorable opinion on the whole, because too many technical problems, and the game in itself is far from bad, but very far from being good.
Well this is one of worst pc ports I've ever played and people say that the original Dark Souls conversion was shitty. Thanks to an amazing modding community it made the whole experience more tolerable. But that besides the point. the game is just boring with a boring story and boring characters. and a lot of running while nothing interesting happening How come that even SIlent Hill 3 looks sometimes way better than this one? The story is pretty much rehash of SH2. Only saving grace is its an amazing soundtrack. So good.