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Vista Golf review
by jj

Casual "putt-putt" style golf game. Easy to learn and fun to master, you'll always be challenged in the various modes of gameplay. There's tournaments where you play a brand new daily/weekly course, competing against everyone else with the game. Alongside that is a spectacular single player "infinite" mode. You start at hole 1 and just keep going, infinitely. (I'm at about hole ~400 right now?) This is casual gaming at its finest. As you progress, the courses get longer and the number of strokes to score par gets higher. Once you figure out the physics of the ball and how to use ramps and other obstacles to your benefit, then the fun begins to find the path to the lowest score. I had a lot of fun early in the tournaments...ended up mostly playing infinite mode though as a way to unwind during my commute. Recommend checking this one out!