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Gears 5 review
by World1710


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Gears 5 pulls it off for me. I think it has the best multiplayer that any gears has had with the exception of the first one. The first is still the best but this one is second best. Also this campaign was better than the 4th. I liked the direction they tried to go. I think they could do that again but add a lot more to it, like you could make it more open world free roam and make it like a mini rpg. That would be unreal.

Visually this game is right up near the top. It’s amazing was games look like these days and gears has always looked quite good.

Final Score: A
Gears 5 didn't do enough to innovate for me. I did mostly enjoy my time with it though and would recommend it to Gears fans. We'll need a bigger shake up next time around. 
Favorite Thing: I like the Gears world and the sci-fi story.
Least Favorite Thing: The Matriarch fight was a whole lot of one-hit, bullet sponge BS.

Date Completed: 2019-11-05
Playtime: 9h
Enjoyment: 7/10
Recommendation: If you've been following along, yes. If you have no attachment to Gears, probably not.