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We Happy Few review
by treesniffingzombie

Back when it was in alpha, word around the street was that We Happy Few had an incredible intro but ultimately unfolded into a procedurally generated mess of boringness. The alpha release must have been like 2 years ago at this rate - I don't really know. But, not only does this game unfold into a procedurally generated mess of boredom, it's intro is anything BUT incredible. After this short little newspaper censorship portion, we're tossed into a clippy mesh of cutscenes with little gameplay until finally the real game begins. The real game of course, being that procedurally generated mess of boringness. I got more value out of playing my first 4 hours of No Man's Sky than I did the first 10 minutes of We Happy Few. 

Stay far away. 
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»

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While I do recommend this game, I would mostly recommend as a movie and not a game. The story has a nice concept and is well portrayed, along with a beautiful environment. However, the gameplay gets quite dull after a while, which isn't justified by the story. I gave up almost at the end mostly because it was very repetitive, but decided to watch the full story on the internet.
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
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Early Access Review Score: 21.4 Hours Development status: 01.09.2016 Rating 8/10 Game value: €20-30 I became aware of this Game through a few Youtubers and entered the Game with relatively neutral Expectations. Of course, my Rating Is especially in a Game, which is not yet ready quickly is no longer up-to-date, so I will try to look as far as possible to evaluate the Future as well. About the Game: Very simple: Super original, funny and promising. The Game offers a steampunk atmosphere at its finest in an alternative Post-World War II past. Especially Fans of Steampunk come here at their cost. The randomly generated neighborhoods make it possible to create a new Cityscape With each Game score, which the Player has to adapt to. The Humor in this Game is really something special. Small jokes and Rejections are hidden Everywhere, which underline the detailed Areas. If you follow the Story almost exclusively, you can play through the Alpha in 5 Hours. The Ending, though, reveals the actual Size of the upcoming Game. The Game is at its current Stand sandbox seurval rather than Story-based, but a bit of rocking around also brings every amount of Joy in this Game. Why not 10/10?: Point Deduction is easy for small Things that you notice when playing multiple: Although the Neighborhoods are constantly regenerated, the individual Block elements do not change on the whole, which is quite noticeable. Also, of course, there are still some Bugs, which are usually not bad, but also those that can have a negative impact on the Game. Since the German Language is not yet supported and The English Dialect is sometimes difficult to understand, this gives another small Deduction. In General, the Game is simply not finished yet, which is why the Game value of €28. is just about how it is achieved, which is compensated for by the full Game later In the course Of development. Future and Summary: We Happy Few is not a perfect Game, but for Genrefans absolutely recommended. The Game shows incredible Potential and the Developers have a lot of work to do with me. You can see that a lot of Love has been put into the Project. For me, this Game is considered an Insider tip for 2016 and it convinced me as Much as Subnautica and The Forest. If the Game lands in The Steamsale, it will strike due to a result, because it will also reach 9.5/10 Points on version 1.0. If you still have Questions or Suggestions, write it in the Comments. Give the Review a Review so I can improve my Reviews. Enjoy playing!