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Splatoon review
by Uneducated_Reviews

Splatoon is such a great game with some flawed things, first of all, the presentation is outstanding, this game excels at design, art direction, and music, it feels like a real Japanese game (whatever that means mind you), the graffiti aesthetic with its punkish music truly make me feel myself as a teenager again, and speaking of teenagers, my favorite aspect of this game is the feeling of nostalgia, for me it took me back to those water balloon fights in the neighbor, it is truly fun and addictive. It also comes with a main campaign that is mostly a tutorial for many mechanics, although some of them seem missing from the online play which is the game's main core, the campaign is short but well crafted, it can be a little repetitive by the end but that's it, is more in the vein of good Mario Galaxy levels, merge it with killer music and you'll have a good time.

As I mentioned at first, sadly there are some drawbacks, as much addictive the online matches can get, at some time they become a little repetitive because of the maps, the mechanic goes as follows: every day you can fight randomly on 4 available maps, 2 for regular battles and other 2 for ranked battles (which you can get when you hit level 10), in regular battles you have to ink (paint) most of the map before the time goes out and as you fight the other team, on ranked battles the mechanic is more or less like capture the flag, but instead you have to take the flag to the enemy base, it needs more strategy but it is also really fun. The thing is that there are a limited amount of maps and playing them on extended sets of time becomes a little tiresome, I'm also not a big fan of the equipment system, every set of gear has 1 to 4 slots with random abilities that you'll unlock after getting experience points, the random part it feels more like a time trap to maintain you attached to the game, it seems unfair because that is more like a mechanic in a free to play game, and also the game is so much fun that it doesn't need those gimmicks to maintain you entertained so I hope in the next game, they fix this system. Another issue is the character customization, you can only change your character's tone skin and eye color, but no extra haircuts or anything, so your character will look pretty much the same if you don't spice things up with your clothing.

Aside from the things that I didn't like, playing Splatoon took me back to my childhood where basic things can be really fun with friends, speaking of friends, I couldn't play with anyone because none of my friends have a Wii U, also, the Splatfests which apparently were a big thing at the game's launch now were pretty dead, so I don't know how much they add to your experience. In some years the servers will go down, and the only thing that will be playable will be the main campaign, if you're someone from the future and you're in fact looking to play this game for its single-player mode I say go ahead if you find this game on the cheap, otherwise maybe you can stick with whatever numbered Splatoon is currently available.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»
«OST on repeat»

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Splatoon is a unique third person shooter that brings enough new to the table to stand out as it's own entity among the cavalcade of grey shooters that were pumped out around the time of its release. The story mode is great fun but the now hacker invaded online mode is now redundant because of the greatly fleshed out sequel.