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Homefront review
by r0b0c0p

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Pearl Harbour. The Base in America'S History stands not only for Entry into World War II, but also for a still unprocessed trauma – has been surprised, attacked and defeated on one's own Ground. Leaving aside various terrorist Attacks, this has not yet been repeated, which is why the US Is left unturned in nurturing the Nimbus of Invincibility (which has already blessed the Temporal In Korea). Which is not to say you don't want to deal with the opposite Scenario. Already in "The Red Flood," Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey and Co. fought the communist Danger on land. The 2011 First-person shooter "Homefront" Is now revisiting this, with the Difference that the Aggressors are Korean this time around. In 2027, there is not much left of the once-strong World power USA. After Peak Oil, the United States economy is in Deep flight, the Military has ended all foreign Operations and is Struggling to keep troops operational. At the same time, North Korea, now united with the South, is swinging to new Power in the East Asian Region. While Unrest threatens America's Cohesion, the Great Korean Republic is taking advantage of the Hour. Hawaii and San Franisco fall within a very short Time to the Invaders, who brutally oppress the American People and mercilessly stamp out any resistance. We as Players are in Montrose, Colorado at This Point and are quite quickly forced to join that Very resistance. We go into battle Alongside Freedom Fighters Connor and Rianna. Even if the Scenario is not New – "Homefront" shows this with an intense Hardness, which is unlikely to leave anyone cold, which in turn at the same time fuels the Player's Motivation to take Up arms against the Oppressors. "War" – That's nothing New in First-person shooters. Realism, particularly in terms of the impact on the Civilian Population, has rarely been brought across in Such detail and relentlessly. This is not such a Special Effort. This is a Struggle for the Survival of one's own People. Of Course, seasoned with a good Dose of tripping Ami patriotism, but that should be clear to anyone who has already Shortlisted this Title. Apart From the Staging, however, "Homefront" Doesn't have much more to Offer in terms of innovation. We traverse The usual Level Hoses, persist with the usual Pairs of soldiers and are also allowed to take a seat in one or the Other Vehicle or Aircraft. Nothing, then, that you don't already know from "Call of Duty" and Colleagues. The Scene is mainly the Front Gardens of smaller Settlements – here is also the "Base" of the Resistance. We have the usual Suspects at Our disposal for weapons. Although slightly modified or modernized. The Handling has been successful, the Sound overall more than neat. It crashes and rumbles at a Volume that is likely to please a Michael Bay. The fact that we are offered some scripted Moments is almost resigned in this Genre. Here, however, "Homefront" Still holds back relatively. The Graphic no longer ripped out Trees in 2011, but I think it still looks good. I remember in particular the Light Effects and Sunrises or Sunsets. Which, in turn, I can't say of musical Entertainment. It May be because the Experience was a fairly short one. After 6 Hours of Play at the latest, the Curtain falls. Feels right in the middle of it, because the End seems very unsatisfactory. It almost seems that the time pressure has demanded a Shortcut. In any case, given the (then) price, one has to state – too much Money for too little Play. There are shooter Add-ons that offer more in Scope and Content. If you want to wave the Crosshairs a few Laps a short time and prefer an emotionally intense setting, "Homefront" Is recommended. However, you can't expect big Moments or revolutionary Elements in Gameplay. -Graphic: 89 °-Sound: 85 °-Atmosphere: 88 °-Circumference: 55 °-Level design: 85 °-plot: 82 °-CI: 80 °-PERSONALITY. Fun: 80 ° = 81 °
People give it a lot of crap, but I enjoyed the concept and the story took me for a ride that wasn't really present at a time where COD was just starting to repeat itself. However: DO NOT PLAY IT'S SEQUEL.