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Clock Tower 3 review
by Uneducated_Reviews

Clock Tower 3 starts real good, and for the most part, it goes that way.

I didn't know much of the Clock Tower franchise before, this seems to be loosely connected to the past entries, so if you're a newcomer like me you can skip the first 2 (or 3?) games and start with this one. I read some reviews that gave a bad score or bad comments to this game mostly because they find it pretty gruesome and horrific, and I understand that at times it can be hard to swallow, but, It's important to note that this game is not aimed for children or people that can be easily offended or triggered, it depicts bad people doing bad things like murder in cold blood and mostly, it's a survival horror game, so if you're one of those persons I suggest that you don't play this game and move on and don't hurt niche videogames just because you don't stand it and can't have an objective opinion, but if you like a good survival horror game, you're on a good track.

Although it's by no means a perfect game it delivers, for the most part, starting with the atmosphere and the music, this game knows what is doing, the stage design is really good and spooky at least for the first half of the game, there are also nice jump scares that are quite effective but don't overstay its welcome, the passing is also great, you can finish it in roughly 7 - 8 hours and you barely felt them, the story is in general good, I didn't love the big twists but they're interesting to say the least, about the story, there is certain character that I hate and went to awkward comic relief to super important character, his writing wasn't good and the actor was also not great, it feels unnecessary and also brokes the immersion.

Gameplay wise, it is kind of a graphic adventure: you explore the environment, find clues and items and with that said items, do a little back tracking and open new areas, the twist is that you have a pursuer on every stage, think of it like a 'Nemesis' enemy, you can run from them but it's kind of tricky, you don't have a health bar, instead you have a panic bac, when it feels up you enter a panic state where your character does things erraticly and can't interact with anything, if you're hit in this state, you'll die, although I find this system pretty great, it also has the main problem of this game: its gameplay, although is not incredibly bad it is stiff for the most part, when you're running away, your character's turns and movement feel sluggish and mechanic, while your pursuer's movement and attack are quite flexible and fast, it works but if it had more refinement it would be better, speaking of the pursuers, they're the bosses of every stage, I won't spoil the fights but even when they keep the stiff controls they can also be very cathartic, since the 2nd fight I was really into destroy the bosses and that feeling never fade away.

As I told you, it's far from a perfect game but it sure is a good one or at least a competent one, it seems that nowadays it's kind of cheap collector's game, if you somehow manage to find it in a good price, go for it, it doesn't seem to be getting cheaper so if you really want to try it go for it as soon as possible.
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