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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled review
by thelittlereviewpage

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, originally developed by @naughty_dog_inc has been remastered by @beenoxteam (Black Ops IV & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)) and published by @activision (Guitar Hero series & Destiny series). One of my favourite things about CTR is that it actually features local co-op, I was quite afraid that it would all be online-only multiplayer. Though I soon realised that it just meant a lot of explaining and practice races to get people up to speed on controls and how to get the hang of certain techniques necessary to not get too left behind. The main mechanic of these is the power slide mechanic which at first is hellishly annoying, especially as the game would not tell me what button this was it just kept referring to it as ‘the power slide button’... Anyway, after hours of figuring that out and slowly perfecting the skill, I managed to get through the game. The main adventure mode takes only a few hours but then you are prompted to return to all the tracks and complete extra challenges It’s a really smooth kart racer with great graphics and there is really nothing bad to say about it.

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i got the platinum for this less than 2 weeks after I got it (almost 2 years ago) and unfortunately i still play it.
i tend to play a lot of addictive shit but there's nothing like this one, this is RIDICULOUSLY addictive once you get decent at drifting... Activision fucked up big time with the $$ potential here, my addiction to this game became so bad i literally emailed Beenox support saying i had developed a chemical dependency to this game and that i was 10000% willing to buy overpriced DLC tracks for it, the sentiment still stands.
the feeling you get when you start to flawlessly destroy a track is ethereal, like surfing on heroin.
it's an absolute travesty this game never got a 60fps patch OR a pc release OR a competent online component OR custom cups, but even with the somewhat pathetic, anemic development, once you understand its mechanics this game is easily an 11/10.
«Can’t stop playing»