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Molecats review
by molecats

Kind of like Lemmings, except the lil' guys aren't creepy as heck.  

It's still early days, but it's already clear that Molecats is going to be a mix of addictive and hair-yanking. The lack of a fail-state is very nice (you might have to loop around the level one more time, but you don't have to *start completely over* as in a lot of puzzle games).
«Liked before it became a hit»

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Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review Has A number of essential details that distinguish this game from other casual games. And... Somewhere here, right in the beginning, it is worth mentioning that with casual games "Molecats" has very little in common. Except perhaps the graphics. She's gorgeous. That's What can be deceiving. What can be described as popular in the past by the combination of "Mi-mi-mi" will be completely broken by the design levels, insolent behavior of your wards, and the constant question "What to do?", when you suddenly realize that once again found themselves in a deadlock, at the first Look hopeless. I'Ll tell you what it is – I broke my head. Repeatedly. Some of the levels of this puzzle pass easily, and sort of on their own, but some force to turn on the brain, so that at the following levels after the "forced to turn on the brain" izviliny completely boiled. In short, that is the world consisting of blocks. There are blocks that can be rotated, and there are blocks immutable. Blocks contain paths on which "moltats", strange kotomnye creatures move. Just a couple of minutes ago, I saw Mike Milligan in person. Well... If Milligan had no luck, and he would have been in the role of a mutant cat. The Meaning of each level is simple-to reach the end. As in the old games at the end of the level you show statistics. How many "Milligan" you found, how many mushrooms were burnt, how much you took secret and not very secret objects. From These finds depends, where and how you can go further, as at first levels are closed for passing in random order. That's actually it. Kind of like a simple concept. But when it comes to the case begins Katvasiya. Or Cat Power. Prayers do not obey, break down in level. We'll have to sweat to collect them together. In one level I quickly found a way out, but three times longer collected friends together. Describe buttons, triggers, causes and consequences boring, I think that you will understand it yourself. And Here's what to say... "Molecats" is a game from another era. And It's valuable to me. Design levels and design puzzles reminiscent of the game period of the 90s. And This is definitely a compliment. The Game does not rassharkiyshis in front of you, and does not poke you with your nose in importuningly located on the levels of clues. Many things are clarified when you follow the characters closely. Many things are not obvious, as they are not described in the Glossary or Help section. And that's fine. A Game that makes you think about why in the game world everything happens so, and not otherwise-a good game. I took one single level five times to figure out exactly how I had passed it. And only for the fifth time I noticed the logic that had eluded me. Sounds Wild, but only until you start playing. I Especially want to note the musical and sound series. It fits perfectly into the picture of the world. Sometimes you notice that you begin to mimic the characters of the game, sing guitar motives. And that's great. Could not have mentioned, but there was a chic banjo! It's Funny that you start to feel some kind of light madness. A mixture of riddles, graphics and excellent music acts. What can be said about the shortcomings? Mouse Control is not very responsive and the sensitivity of block turns is very low. I Have to yank a mouse, but I'm sure the developers will fix it. Several non-obvious places in the interface design, not so critical, however, because they do not give rise to a hopeless situation. For Early Access, this is more than a decent result. Total? I liked it. I Recommend to all fans of hardcore puzzles with a deep thought-out world. He's really deep. Both in the figurative and direct senses of the word. Well, the price... 250 rubles, with an impressive ratio of price and quality... It's pennies.