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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare review
by Flo

Wie gut das damals war, abnormal. Tschernobyl. Wow.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
12.11.2015 Even after exactly 8 Years, this Game is still the best Shooter of all Time for me =)-------------------------------07.02.2015 Review to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty 4 is by Far the best Part of the Series. STORY: I like the Strory very much and it's also pretty realistic! It is also worth playing a 2nd 3rd or 4th Time. MULTIPLAYER: The Multiplayer is still playable after more than 7 Years. This with the Maps for 60 People is already very hard, in Free for All you don't survive a 10sek there. And in the DeathMatch it is a lot of Fun because you kill someone as "NOOB." There are some Hackers and Campers, but they do not destroy the Fun Of The game. The Weapons are very well designed and also made playable. FAZIT: From me there is an absolute Buy Emphagus for all those who love the Call of Duty Series and are shooter fans. NOTE: 99/100 Points
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Microsoft from French
Considered by many to be one of the best call of duty, I was looking forward to launching this episode that experienced many suites and clones after its release. Having not played the multi (I already had my dose with all the call of out after), I'm going to focus only on the campaign part of the title. Campaign that put everything on the spectacular, and does it very well: we constantly move from places, situations (bombard with an AC-130, infiltrating, destroying a chopper, ect...) see even characters. The story also surprised me well: there are some moments (end of Act 1, in particular) unexpected and that reveal a "serious" side to the game I did not expect, especially compared to the suites that lose all subtlety (no Russian in MW2, all the MW3 campaign). Not that the story is smart or profound, but who plays call of duty for the story? The campaign is malherously too short (~ 4:30) and ends just like that, without explanations. Personal note: 7/10-one of the best campaign in the series, but too short.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Review written on 3.08.2015 War is shit, but digital War Games where no one gets hurt, I just think horny. At CoD 4 MW you are in the War against Terrorism and on different Locations (Russia, Middle East, Lake Barents). The Game has a gripping Story and offers a lot of Variety. Most of The time you are on the road with some Comrades in the ego perspective. My Favorite Mission is the one where you have to make Support fire to your Comrades From an AC-130H. Since the Game came out as early as 2007, the Graphics no longer look so top, but still acceptable. Unfortunately, the German Version has been shortened. In one Sequence, the Blood Representation has been removed and it lacks the Arcade mode. But I hardly bothered by that myself. The Original Version was indexed by us in 2009. The Single Player is really good, but unfortunately after about 5 Seconds passing. I can't say much about Multiplayer myself, tried it. There are also some Servers with Fellow Players, only unfortunately I always flew out after a few Seconds. But I only heard Positive from Others about Multiplayer. But I find the Momentanen full Price here at Steam far too high, considering how old the Game already is. If you want to have the Game, get it in the Sale! Personal Game Fun Rating from single-player 9 out of 10!
Finished on November 22, 2009 (Xbox 360).

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